Sex offender website

Sex offender website

This is a discussion on Sex offender website within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; i hope i posted this in the right place...anyone ever been to this site: ? i checked my neighborhood, and i feel pretty sick ...

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Thread: Sex offender website

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    Sex offender website

    i hope i posted this in the right place...anyone ever been to this site: ? i checked my neighborhood, and i feel pretty sick now. i can't believe how many child molesters, rapists, etc, live not just in my city, but in my neighborhood. near schools, no less! sick sad world...

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    Moved , as Bob ford area is more for personal related issues and a tribute to a departed member.
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    just remember. if u get seen peeing in an alley at night you get put on there too.

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    I've never liked the idea of a public registry like that. It just doesn't seem right.
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    Of course public registries don't seem right.

    But if the judges would keep these creeps in prison, I don't think the outcry for a sex offender registry would have come about in the first place.

    Since they keep letting these creeps out of prison and they continue to offend, people are starting to demand the right to know where they live.

    I like Dennis Millers idea on Registries, GPS tracking devices and other methods to keep track of these predators.

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    Need to be careful with these, too. In Arizona its is considered a sex crime to be caught urinating in public. Falls under "exposing yourself" if I recall.

    I won't say what I would prefer to see happen to these people.
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    Forewarned is forearmed...if you have to urinate outside, at least find a bush to get behind or suffer the consequences. It's sort of like not exposing your gun while carrying concealed; don't do it in public view. I believe the offender map site in this post is a good thing...YMMV.
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    A few years ago my then 12 year old would wait for the school bus at the end of the drive way. She noticed that a early model pick up would pass her on the average twice during her 5-10 minute wait and then more often then not follow the bus for a ways. Then he started to wave at her as he went by, It was when he slowed down and said he would see her tomorrow that she told me about it. So I waited with her to get on the bus for a while and let my assistant post the guard, got his license plate and talked with the local sheriffs department. They had a talk with this mutt and told him to find a new way to work (4 time felon from a family of felons) that solved that problem. The investigator came out to interview me at my work. I was a shift commander of a 21 man security detail armed with M16s and M9s. It was not until later that you think about the oddity of being interviewed by a sheriffs department investigator with your loaded M16A2 propped in the corner of your office. Oh yah this guy lived over 20 miles from my home!
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    Have perused the local data base several times. There are some real sickos living in some good areas of this town.

    This is the link to the registry for OK Zip Code 73505. Note that the database is complete with photos.

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    Thanks for posting this.

    Unlike others, I have no problem with these types of public lists. If you do something to a child or rape or attempt to rape a woman, then you belong on this list. And, if you do not think that public urination is deserving of a entry on this list or others like it, then work with your legeslators to get that law changed.

    But for those of us with children, in my case 5, this is just another weapon I can use to protect my kids and to be aware of the possible threats in my area. I may not be able to protect them from everything but you can be sure that it won't be from lack of trying.

    Lists like this are great tools for parents who want to keep their kids safe.
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