I was reading some stuff about the murders of women in and around Juarez Mexico and found some murders that i feel would of or could have been prevented had these women or their friends had a conceal carry permit, or even just a gun in their home.

Its really quite sad and proof that sometimes, crap like this happens.

The Murders

Michelle R. Brown, 20,
Residence: Holiday Beach
August 4, 2000

She was shot to death by her boyfriend, Mario Montellano, 41. When sheriff’s deputies burst into her barricaded home to investigate reports of gunfire, they found Brown bleeding in Montellano's arms. Montellano was charged with murder.


Judy Alcoser, 28
Residence: San Antonio
June 22, 2000

She was shot to death with a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol by her ex-boyfriend, Richard Bruno Gonzalez, 28. According to the police, Gonzalez broke into the apartment they once shared and killed Alcosar and her 18-year-old roommate. Gonzalez then killed himself. Alcosar’s three children were able to escape the apartment unharmed.

Lesa K. Garcia, 34
Residence: San Antonio
February 21, 2000

Her bodywas found beaten and strangled to death by her mother after her coworkers called to say Garcia had not shown up for work. The night before she was killed, Garcia had cancelled dinner plans with her parents as she waited for her estranged husband Daniel D.Garcia, 41, to return their two sons from a weekend visitation. Blood and hair samples taken from Daniel Garcia matched evidence found on Lesa Garcia’s fingernails.He was convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison. An appeals court ordered a new trial saying prosecutors wrongly emphasized a fight the couple