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WHAT on Earth is Happening to TEXAS?

This is a discussion on WHAT on Earth is Happening to TEXAS? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by The Tourist Bumper, these people have seen their countrymen strap explosives to their bodies and smash jumbo jets. In their own section ...

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Thread: WHAT on Earth is Happening to TEXAS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tourist
    Bumper, these people have seen their countrymen strap explosives to their bodies and smash jumbo jets. In their own section of the world warlords rule, and people disappear for open opposition.

    We've had to bring the force of our entire armed forces to bear to just to lessen the brutality. And in so doing, the poppy growers rake in the best crop in years.

    Sleeper cells are already in this country. Do you really expect these innocent people to speak. Does the concept of 'witness protection' paint a picture for you?
    Yes, I do understand the concept of "witness protection" regarding why it might rarely happen, but not to explain why it never happens. They could do it anonomously or within the safety of a group. But if the meant it, the message would get out somehow. But it doesn't happen. You are painting them with the stereotype of being cowards. I tend to think they simply don't care one way or the other. Ask the next one you run into if you are or are not an "infidel".

    And, for the record, I would have no more of a problem telling what I think of the mafia at your family reunion than I would telling what I think about black gangs at a black family reunion. Just because someone's name may be Guido doesn't mean they are mafia....
    Coimhéad fearg fhear na foighde; Beware the anger of a patient man.

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    Bumper: Well said and AMEN!
    Former Army Infantry Captain; 28 yrs as an NRA Certified Instructor; NRA Patron Life; Avid practitioner of the martial art: KLIK-PAO.

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    I've modified my opinion.

    In today's addition of The Wisconsin State Journal, I happened across a brief article in a section we call "The Skinny." (This is a single column feature that runs from top to bottom in our comics section with bizarre short stories.)

    Briefly the story is that an al fresco Italian restaurant has been closed because it served wine outdoors thus affending Muslims. This has forced me to codify my earlier position of tolerance and compassion. I think you hill billies might be able to discern my message after several readings.

    Screw 'em.

    As for standing up to street thugs, let me remind you of a story that Jesse Jackson told. It dovetails to my experience.

    He was walking to his car late one night when he heard the voices of teenagers behind him. He was relieved when he found they were white.

    I have a similar story. A club friend and I rode by ourselves slowly to an event because I was breaking in a new engine. I heard a rumble, panicked, and watched 40 of the grimiest bikers I had ever seen blow past me. I was relieved to see they were CMA.

    There is an old Sicilian expression that roughly translated means, "Do not let you machismo earn debt that your arm cannot pay in gold."

    If you saw four distinguished men in dark suits get out of stretch, take a table across the aisle from you, order angel hair and make eye contact with you, trust me, you wouldn't bend their ears explaining why "The Godfather" was such a crappy movie.

    The odds are they are probably funeral directors. Probably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Tourist
    My point is the 'tarred with the same brush' issue.
    I won't get into a long discussion with ya Tourist...but you know little of me, my experiences, or my philosophical views on life. Basically, I've been there and done that. Had more experience in life itself than most can imagine. I don't tend to trod on others, but I no longer turn the other cheek. Travelled the world and seen how others live and die. I've spent more years out of Texas than lived here, but Southern manners, chivalry, and that hooha is deeply ingrained in me. I served my country in uniform for 22 years and continue to serve my country and its defense industry as a retired vet. My opinions are my own and I try to form them based on facts, first hand observances, and just plain intuition.....but they are mine and mine alone. I've said before, I enjoy reading others (including yours) thoughts on a lot of topics...some I agree with, others I don't. I've never felt uncomfortable anywhere I've been....including Madison, Wisconsin....nice town.

    Have a nice day Tourist.
    "Endeavor To Persevere"
    Chief Dan George

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    This brings up a valid issue. I bent over backwards to explain that you were probably a nice guy and a thoughtful individual. I later had to underline the fact that we are all fish out of water from time to time. There is also the writing style of the editorial 'you.'

    My point is that I've found gun guys pretty level headed and fair in my entire shooting life. If I run into someone on an empty range it's likely to be a normal guy testing a rifle or a father showing his son or daughter how to shoot. I have never, repeat never, ran into a banger; and they if anyone should learn how to shoot correctly even if it's only to discover which side of a firearm is 'up.'

    But this thread baffled me. Our Wisconsin governor attends photo ops. The only time I can ever remember him attending The East Side Businessmen's Association (the old Italian workmen's guild) is during a tight voter run-off. That doesn't mean he's pro-Hungarian and anti-Sicilian. After the beating people take in the shooting sports with government sanctions I'd expect a more even-handed comment on Perry's actions.

    These things are going to happen in life. Strange bedfellows. I have no idea how much additional muck I'm going to have to swallow this autumn when Wisconsin takes another shot at getting CCW licenses. It's life.

    Besides, fair is fair. You know in your heart that this religious facility is going to be attended by sincere American Islamic believers, not terrorists. To hold the ceremony, the governor and the faithful in contempt doesn't sound like fair-minded Americans to me.

    BTW, Mussolini got tens of thousands of American boys killed during WWII. How do you feel about me?

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