Why won't you show my son's movie?

Why won't you show my son's movie?

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Thread: Why won't you show my son's movie?

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    Why won't you show my son's movie?

    Warning: there is a dirty word and some violence and occult themes at this link, NSFW but not that bad really:


    Ring Ring.

    "Room 208."

    "I'd like to speak to a Mr. Euclidean."


    "This is Claire Drixler..."

    "Ah yes Ivan's mother. How can I help you ma'am?"

    Unnerved, the woman pauses.

    "How did you know that..."

    "It's on your son's paperwork ma'am."

    "What paper?"

    "The one you signed so Ivan could go to summer school?"

    "Oh that one. Listen we've got a problem."

    "Well I'm all ears ma'am. Let's see what we can do to take care of your problem."

    "My son says you won't show his movie in class."

    "Well ma'am he did ask the other day but I tried to explain to him I'd want to screen it outside of school first."

    "And did you see it?"

    "Yes ma'am I have seen it."

    "Ivan tells me he asked you again yesterday."

    "Yes he did ma'am and I told him no."

    "Why not?"

    "Ma'am, I hate to ask you this, but have you seen this movie he claims to have made?"

    "Well no but why won't you show it?"

    "Ma'am, it's not appropriate. It depicts violence in an occult setting and it has nothing directly to do with what we're doing in class."

    "You're sh#tting me?"

    "No ma'am. I simply cannot show that movie."

    "There's no way you can be serious."

    "Well ma'am I am... and on top of that there's inappropriate language on the webpage it is hosted on. Ma'am I hate to ask you twice but have you actually seen the movie?"

    "What's that got to do with anything? What's your problem with me and my son?"

    "Ma'am I sincerely apologize if I've done anything to offend either of you because that wasn't my intent. If there's something I'm doing you don't like I will stop it immediately."

    "Then why won't you show this movie in class?"

    "Ma'am it just doesn't have anything to do with anything we've studied or are going to study, the content is not school appropriate, and to be technical even though it's just an internet flash movie, it hasn't been approved by the administration in any way shape or form."

    "It's on the Internet?"

    "Yes ma'am it's on the internet."

    "You show the internet in class?"

    "No ma'am I don't. Now there are some things on the internet like interactive graphs that can demonstrate certain concepts but we don't have that kind of time in summer school."

    "So you can't show the movie even if you wanted to?"

    "Ma'am I easily could as in it's physically possible with the equipment I have borrowed from the school, but my point is I do not want to show it and I will not show it because it's completely inappropriate."

    "Why do you have to be like this just because his father is Mexican?"

    "Ma'am I was unaware of that fact before you told me that, but it wouldn't matter anyway because I do not care what ethnicity Ivan claims. It doesn't matter to me one bit."

    "I wonder what your principle would think of this."

    "Ma'am his extension is 1234. You're free to talk to him at any time."

    "You rascist f#ck."

    "Ma'am the cursing can stop."


    "The cursing can stop ma'am. It's not warranted and I don't have to hear it."

    "What's the matter you all offended now that someone treats you like you are treating us?"

    "Ma'am I do not use that kind of language on school time. That's unethical and unprofessional. This is my job and I take it seriously."

    "Then how come you use all those funny pictures my son won't shut up about?"

    "Ma'am I've used exactly 4 funny pictures and it's to make it a little more interesting. The curriculum we developed is pretty dry and we have to go through it fast so we don't exactly get to do a lot of the more interesting things."

    "You'll use funny pictures that don't have anything to do with math but you won't show this movie?"

    "Ma'am the pictures were used to relate to the task at hand and they're school appropriate. I'd be happy to email them to you and if you find one you object to you can forward it to the principal and he'll take disciplinary measures. This movie on the other hand is not appropriate."

    "But it's on the internet."

    "Ma'am a lot of things on the internet are not school appropriate."

    "How do you get it off the internet?"

    "All you have to do is open the internet browser and go to the web page."

    "What's the web page?"


    After being on hold 3-4 minutes, she comes back.

    "Oh my God... this is horrible!"

    "Well I can't say I really care for it myself ma'am."

    "Is Ivan going to fail your class?"

    "Ma'am I have his grades right here. He has a solid 84 average and he has turned in every assignment thus far. His test grades are low but he's going to be okay if he just keeps up the effort."

    "Does he act up in class?"

    "Well he talks out of turn."

    "Oh My God..."

    "Ma'am that's a common problem. If that's the worst I ever had to deal with I'd be doing good."

    "Does he do violent things like that in class?"

    "Do you mean in general ma'am? I'm not sure I understand the question..."

    "Like in the movie?"

    At this point I wanted to say No he doesn't summon Satan in class...

    "No ma'am nothing like that."

    "Do you think he's suicidal?"

    "Ma'am Ivan's behavior is not really that unusual. Many students his age especially boys have a fascination with heavy metal rock music and the occult, and most of these kids are used to being saturated with violent entertainment. I think it might be best if you were to ask Ivan if he really did make this movie and let him know what you think about things like that."

    "That's a good idea. I'll do that. Oh my poor Ivan... thank you so much Mr. Euclidean..."


    He has more sense than his mother does...

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    Great job on a conflict well handled. Sounds like an out of touch enabling mother.
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    Great!!!! Tact and diplomacy win the day, along with polite assertiveness - they usually do if enough patience! (IF).
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    Yikes. I mean she seems coherent at the end but what was that with the racist crap? I can't believe there are really people out there who are so anxious to accuse others of racism, so anxious to be seen as "victims". No wonder her son has issues. If he was raised with a victim mentality like that, it's a wonder he even has the ability to hold an 84 in your class.
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    And that...

    Is what's wrong with the world today...or at least one of the things wrong. The fact that parents automatically assume that you're treating their child different. Or the very idea that all students are equal....grrr.
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    For the first half of the conversation I was wondering if this was going to be one of these where you ended up being threatened with a law suit for not allowing "little Johnny" his rights.

    Glad it seems to have turned out OK.

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    It takes a very special person to be a teacher. I wouldn't last five minutes.

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