Emergency stash

Emergency stash

This is a discussion on Emergency stash within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I would have to guess that many of you on this form have an "emergence stash" fund at home or somewhere for easy access. We ...

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Thread: Emergency stash

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    Emergency stash

    I would have to guess that many of you on this form have an "emergence stash" fund at home or somewhere for easy access. We changed our home-owners insurance, and upon reviewing the policy, we found out that home-owners insurance would only cover $200.00 cash, anything more than that had to be purchased at an additional premium, quite expensive I might add.

    So if you keep a SHTF stash, you might want to check with your agent to make sure you are covered.


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    Good point. I keep some of my "stash" off site in case of fire, tornado or whatever, that way I'm never completly wiped out.
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    I keep mine, which is not usually a great amount, in my fireproof gunsafe.

    Prior to the gunsafe purchase I used the safety deposit box at the bank. Pretty secure situation other than limited access, and I think that some legal matters can affect access as well.

    I've always thought that a small hidden safe built into and flush with the concrete slab of a house would be a good choice too.

    I really prefer my cash money at my house, that way I can get to it at anytime. I've never tried the backyard-buried-in-a-jar-method but I think it's done more than we think.
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    My worth in guns and ammo is more than my cash stored at home...I would suggest the 'home safe' method to protect both...I have two...
    Browinging makes safes that can help protect against loss by non-professional safe crackers and fire...
    That said, having some cash in small bills is part of an important SHTF checklist...
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    My stash is fire-proof. It consists only of coins in a giant pepsi bottle.
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    You could always put it under the mattress....

    My grandpa didn't like banks and kept all his money there. Lots of money under that mattress!


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    once i finally have money it will be stored in many places.
    from IRA to CDs to a swiss bank account.
    im not the type to have a big jar of cash hidden at home.
    i think it is less safe there than in the bank.
    I dont think all the US banks and all the swiss banks (or other country- mine currently is in germany- ill switch to swiss next time im there) are going to all die at the same time.
    if they do, well then my money probably isnt much good anymore anyways

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