Another Dream Thread

Another Dream Thread

This is a discussion on Another Dream Thread within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; in this dream, i was sitting in my living room (which of course wasn't my real living room, as this one had much nicer furniture), ...

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Thread: Another Dream Thread

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    Another Dream Thread

    in this dream, i was sitting in my living room (which of course wasn't my real living room, as this one had much nicer furniture), watching TV. my kids were all asleep upstairs, and my dog (who died a few years back) was sleeping next to me on the couch. i was watching the news, when suddenly my dog woke up and started barking furiously. i looked around the room and saw through the window about 6 young men on my porch, looking around. one of them saw me, then yelled out to the others. they immediately began trying to break down the front door. i realized my gun was in the kitchen, so i had to run past the door to get it. i grabbed it up, made sure it was loaded, grabbed an extra mag, and ran back to the living room, then got myself behind hall closet door for cover. they burst in, and 4 of them had guns drawn. they immediately shot and killed my dog, then raised up on me. i began to shoot, which i assume they weren't expecting, because they started screaming "he gotta gun! get out! get out!" i emptied my first magazine, then reloaded, and came out from the closet, running towards the men, and continued to fire, until they were out of the house. one man was dead in my living room, and there were blood trails leading out of the house. i looked for the phone, and realized i'd been hit, too, but it was just a flesh wound, in the arm. the police showed up almost instantly (because it was a dream) and 3 ambulances came with them. they took my statement, checked on my kids, treated me, then told me two more had died: one made it across the street, and the other on the way to the hospital. one of the detectives was my uncle (who in real life has been in and out of jail for most of his life), who told me i did a good thing, these guys were known rapists and murderers. the surviving bad guys were all rounded up. i ID'd them there on the street, and they were hauled off. i woke up at this point, pretty shaken up.

    in a related story, i warned my brother early this morning that the next time he decides to stay out all night, he'd better knock on the door furiously to wake me up, not sneak in through the window like he tried. i think he nearly messed himself when he found himself staring down the barrel of my 9mm.

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    Interesting dream...I have different sorts of gun dreams. No matter what the situation, where I am, or who else is rounds hit, and are totally ineffective. The shot even sounds like a cap gun. I cannot for the life of me understand these dreams!!!!
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    I haven't had dreams lately but when I was in college and living off campus in a rough part of town, I kept a FM Hi Power next to the bed. I had several dreams that someone was breaking into my apartment to kill me and despite pulling the trigger as hard as I could, it would not fire. Made me sick to my stomach when I woke up. Several range trips didn't seem to calm the dreams either. Eventually sold it and bought a Ruger P95 (thank god for Rugers prices, they helped me make it through life when I was a starving college student and through the broke newlywed era.) that was double action, thinking that my mind was trying to tell me to get away from the single action semi. Eventually the dreams went away!

    Wouldn't mind getting a Browning Hi Power now.
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