once again, the news is reporting another tragic school shooting. this time its ohio, a despondant teen gunman returns to school with a firearm after being suspended - he injured 4 students before taking his own life. once again, the public will be fed the obvious bitter pill of how those injured weren't the only victims, that the shooter, undoubtedly a "troubled teen," was himself a victim.

i really wish that once, just this once, that the media would do the world a favor and not cover this story with any more attention than it deserves, or the attention that this shooter was obviously seeking. Instead of referring to him as a victim or "troubled" call him what he is: a scumbag.

i'm not kidding.


americans spend so much time after incidents like these delving into the fragile psyches of these kids that it almost always ends up that the shooter was not the one at fault.

news organizations and fly by night pop-psychologists have canned scripts and video teasers just for school shootings. the vernacular of the day includes terms like bullied, depressed, abused, loner and outcast. add that to concepts like the pressures of being a teen, angry music and the ubiquitous world of "violent" video games and you have a story that will last for days on end.

i'm sick of it and i long for simplicity. i long for honesty. so casting aside all the semantics of the debate, i'm refusing to feed into this murderer's craving for attention, and i'm calling him a scumbag.

scumbag describes this shooter quite well. be it kip kinkel, eric harris, dylan klebold or this latest stooge, we don't need an in depth commentary on the state of growing up in america today. we don't need to glorify their short and pointless lives any further with investigations into the shooter's medical condition or lack of medication on one "fateful day."

no, we need to call it like we see it: the kid was a scumbag. The scumbag shot other kids. The scumbag is dead.

nobody mourns. at least, not me.

back to you, jim.