Wow, this was a great movie! I can see why it garnered three Academy Awards. Melvyn Douglas got his Best Actor in a Supporting Role for playing Hud's father, a noble and principled man of the ranch. A role-model that Hud never lived up to, but one who died broken.

I really admired the values put forth in the movie, particularly when Homer (Douglas) was explaining to Hud why he couldn't stand him as a person, and then challenging the young Lonnie about whether Hud was someone to look up to and try to be like, or whether he was instead bitter and cruel and mean.

Homer's words were prophetic, because he lamented, "Lonnie, little by little, the look of the country changes because of the men we admire." These days the men we "admire" are the likes of 50 Cent, Snoop Doggy Dog and Russel Crowe--people who are not worth the carbon they're based on. And whoever wrote this script knew what was coming... 44 years ago.

Although the only gun-play in the movie is when they are forced to kill their herd because of foot-and-mouth disease, this is a movie well worth watching, but be forewarned that it's not an uplifting one.