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Thread: FYI: Wally World Patrons

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    +1 super.
    Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCGuy View Post
    That's a pretty big claim (the 1800-1984 one). Got a source?
    No, 'cause like most Net arguments, he made that up!

    Anyone who knows anything about micro and macroeconomics will know Super's explanation of the free market economy structure is what we need. Either compete in the business world, or go the way of the dodo...

    Cheers! M2

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    I am 100% a free market guy. I ran my own business for over 30 years.
    With that said, much of the foreign trade is shored up by the overseas governments, subsidizing the manufacturing costs to allow the goods shipped here to be sold BELOW the cost of production. Could this is a deliberate action of our "enemies" to disable our means of production? While we have 1 year and 5 year plans, the East works on 100 year plans. They are very patient we are not.
    I agree with much of what edr9x23super has posted, labor costs (wages and benefits) and taxes are chipping away at our ability to produce goods at a competitive cost.

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    I spend my money in my own borough and support my local businesses whenever possible. Even if it means that I pay a little bit more. I chalk it up to an investment in my community.
    My property values stay high because my borough has a viable local business district and it's easily accessible and residents can buy most anything they need by walking there.
    They were going to build a Walmart right close but, they picked a site that was sacred to the original Native American population that lived in this area and the property kept constantly landsliding as the were trying to excavate it - so Walmart pulled up stakes and abandoned the project. True story.
    Now...Walmart will be someplace else.
    I can't stand Walmart.
    Walmart tactics - They investigate an area to find out what local businesses are successful. Then they tailor that particular Walmart location to undercut those local businesses and pull those customers into Walmart. They will initially sell items well below their cost in order to destroy the local competition and put them under. They are a sneaky underhanded business. I'll never spend another nickel of my money there. Screw them.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    I don't think the union aspect of the controversy is far off at all. I attended a workhsop on "Union Busting" for lack of a better term several years ago and one of the comments made was that no union will ever be formed due to wages. Union will be formed because of working conditions or fear. This is exactly where we stand with Wal-Mart that the unions are using the fear of WM taking over the world to gain a foot hold with their employees. I seldom go to a WM simnply because there isn't much there that I want to buy. Wal-Mart gets the blame but the Lowe's and Home Depot have put the small hardware stores out of business, the chain restaurants have hurt the cafes and the list goes on. So why does WM only get ridiculed as being the bad guy?

    Low prices are the American way and anyone who say different is just flapping their lips. As for tarrifs, we should place some on imported goods. If a car is built in the US then a great deal of taxes is paid on that car. If one is built in Japan then we shoud place a tarrif equal to the taxes we would get if built in the US. Same way with a pair of shoes or TV. But to place tarrifs to eliminate competition will only hurt the consumer. Isn't competition the American way?

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    I don't go to Wal-Mart ...I shop local for every thing I possibly can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LastManOut View Post
    The US Congress should:
    put fair tariffs on imported products to increase their price point in line with US made goods.

    not allow or restrict imports with nations that won't allow our goods into their economy.

    stop runaway inflation by allowing the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank to print more debt.

    abolish all the minimum wage laws that inflate ALL wages across the board and have the effect of raising the cost to produce US made goods and service.

    At least Wal-mart offers goods at prices low enough that low and middle income families can feed and clothe themselves and children.

    My 45 cents worth (two cents adjusted for inflation).

    Tarrifs on foriegn imports would be a HUGE mistake, Hoover did that trying to stem the tide of the Gread Depression. The result, American EXPORTS fell by over 40% as other countries enacted retalitory tarrifs making the crash even worse.

    Face it Wal-Mart and Chinese made goods are here to stay until Chinese wages catch up with ours. You can thank (to a large extent) the US labor unions for driving manufacturing from the US.

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