The Golden Age Of Hot Rodding

The Golden Age Of Hot Rodding

This is a discussion on The Golden Age Of Hot Rodding within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Take a trip back to yesteryear and see the cars we drove or lusted after in the 50s and 60s. My dream ride in high ...

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Thread: The Golden Age Of Hot Rodding

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    The Golden Age Of Hot Rodding

    Take a trip back to yesteryear and see the cars we drove or lusted after in the 50s and 60s. My dream ride in high school was a '57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hardtop with a screamin' 283 V8 with a 3 speed stick. Man, that car was a chick magnet.

    The video is longish, but worth every minute.

    Turn up your speakers...

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    I loved the post. I wish I still had my 64 Plymouth Savoy 2 dr sedan with the 383 bored .60 over, or the 67 GTX 440

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    Very Cool...thanks Terry

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    I loved that site!!!

    I must be getting old, I have almost all of the songs on albums. LOL.

    Sometimes I miss my old 65 Barracuda with a 273 comando bored out .30 over, full race cam with solid lifters, dual points, 50,000 volt coil, headers, 4 barrel holley, 4-speed with 5.88 ratio rear end. Man that thing would fly. Police didn't like it tho. LOL!!!

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    Cool indeed!!!

    Thanks for posting.
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    Platinum age?

    As much as I miss those cars, have you looked around lately? Chrysler has 345 and 425 HP Hemi's, GM uses the lowly 400 horse Vette motor in GTO's and Caddy sedans. Shoot, if I walk out my office door, I have Mustangs on the showroom rated 300, 325, 427, and 500 Horse, and they don't know if the GT500KR will be 540 or 550. And all this stuff runs on pump gas, idles, and has a factory warranty. They even make gas milage. I think these are the new good old days.

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    Lots of great music and memories, thanks for posting. I do remember when two dollars would buy enough gas for the whole weekend.

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    I've still got a 68 Mustang that I drove in high school and a 64 Chevy Nova in my garage. The newer cars are nice but it is "THE MEMORIES" that make these things special. Nice to be reminded sometimes.
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    my Opinion:

    I don't care for the newer cars. I have ridden in my brothers' BMW Dual turbo something or other, and he made the remark that he would "smoke" my old Cuda that I drove in High school. I said no way, because his car only had 425 or something like that. MIne had well over 600, and that is being conservative. PLus, I said his car took the fun out of driving with his computerized shifting (mine was the pistol-grip Hurst model made for the Chrysler cars that used them, like the one pictured in "Vanishing point") and ultra-quiet ride.

    What I really miss about the Cuda was the sound; I had a 440 six-pack in it that had about $1500 (those are 1977 dollars) dropped in the motor, with an equal amount dumped in the rest of the drivetrain to handle the motor. We painted the car with midnight blue Imron. I had hooker headers with 3" exhaust pipes going out the back through california turbo mufflers. When it Idled, you felt it through your whole body, and when I dropped the hammer, its roar got everybodys attention. I could peg the speedometer (at 140mph) and still run an 11 second quarter mile.

    I sold the car when I graduated high school, when I could have kept it. Last year, my wife was rummaging through my old stuff and found pics of the car with a much younger and slimmer me standing next to it; she went to ebay and looked for old muscle cars and found a Cuda like mine that was going for $50,000.00.

    What a fool I was for getting rid of that car.
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    I like some of the new cars, but the chopping rumble of the older stuff is infectious. Give me an old Studebaker truck or a '65 Mustang with a 289 and I get the warm fuzzies.
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    My first car was a brand new (as in ordered from the factory) 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. 383 CID, 335 hp, 4 speed Hurst on the floor, and gasoline was $.25 for the good stuff back then. Price was $3,200.00.

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    Ahhhhhh, I remember my '64 Chevy SuperSport (bronze)...

    Thanks for the site...
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    I still kick myself over this. About ten years ago I used to work for my father and we drove to work together. Everyday we would drive past this beautiful '57 Chevy Bel-Air. Finally the owner put it up for sale, but someone beat me to it.

    But I'm thinking that when I get back from the sandbox I'll use a bit of that money to buy an older Mustang and fix that up. should I tell the wife?
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    Wow those are just so beautiful
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