Since we've been sharing our gun dreams

Since we've been sharing our gun dreams

This is a discussion on Since we've been sharing our gun dreams within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I just had an interesting one that I want to share and write down for my own benefit. It might be a little long. This ...

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Thread: Since we've been sharing our gun dreams

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    Since we've been sharing our gun dreams

    I just had an interesting one that I want to share and write down for my own benefit. It might be a little long.

    This dream occured in my current house, with the same floorplan, same exterior brick walls, same furniture, same gun-rack, etc. I mention this only because this is unusual for me. I have recurring places pop up in my dreams from time to time, but I've never before had a dream that was so clearly happening in my real-life home.

    The start of the dream is a bit fuzzy, but I think I was moving into the house, because there were boxes and I had rented a truck-van (which was interesting in itself. It was a smallish SUV with 4 full doors and an 8ft or so enclosed van area behind them, followed by a full 8ft open bed, yet it wasn't hard to drive )

    Anyway, I returned the truck-van, rode my motorcycle home (which was also identical to my real-life bike), and a little ways down my street, I encountered a small gang of tough-looking bikers (5-6 guys), all on sport-bikes, like mine. Their leader was a tall wiry white guy with black hair and a black jacket, and he started trying to recuit me to go start something somewhere (don't remember that part). I politely excused myself and rode the rest of the way to my house.

    I pulled in and parked in the garage, and went out into my backyard for some reason, I think it was to clean up some debris. In the backyard, I encountered another tough-looking biker gang (also 5-6guys), but these guys all rode Harleys and their leader was a big black guy who kinda looked like Wesley Snipes. They started talking about how much they hated sport-bikers and "composite bikes" and how they were gonna kill the next guy they saw who had one, and also tried to recruit me to their cause.

    They wouldn't let me leave, but just about this time, the first gang showed up again (I have no idea how all these people were getting behind my house). I started moving towards my back door with both groups trying to recuit me, and right before I went in, I said "Well, I dunno guys. Why don't you ask him (meaning Mr. Tall & Lanky) about his composite bike." and closed the door.

    I decided I needed to go to my room and arm myself at this point. I had my USP on my hip, and the first rifle to jump into my hands was for some reason my .22 Rem 597. I figured it was better than nothing, and left my room to go into the living room. As I turned the corner, there was a man standing there messing with something against the wall. I dropped to a knee and leveled the .22 at him, only to realize it was a older delivery-guy who had let himself in (?). I apologized and explained the situation to him, and he told me that I might want something bigger than a .22, because the two gangs had decided to join up and kill me, and were deciding how best to burst in.

    I let him out the backdoor, and no sooner had I closed it behind him, Mr. Tall & Lanky was at the door trying to look in, though he apparently couldn't see anything. It dawned on me that my AR was in the same closet as the .22, and how dumb I had been for not grabbing it to start with. I sprinted to my room, and caught a glimpse of the other gang out the front window, about to kick in the door.

    I pulled my AR from the rack, pulled the charging handle, and watched a live JSP slide into the chamber (this part was accurate to how I actually store my AR). I stuffed the loaded extra 30rd mag I keep next to it in my back pocket, checked my USP, and went back to the living room with weapon shouldered.

    My first defensive position was in a hallway that gave me a pretty good veiw of the front door and the entry hallway. That hallway would force anyone who came through the door to walk almost straight towards me, making it an easy shot. However, I realized that the back door to my left was much harder to cover, and I was behind a sheetrock interior wall that would give me no cover.

    I decided this was a bad place to be, even as both gangs started beating on the front and rear doors, and ran across my living room behind the brick fireplace that sticks out into the room. This gave me a much better view of the back door, I was behind hard cover (at least from one angle), and I could turn and fire through the kitchen breakfast bar area at anyone in the entry hallway.

    The doors were starting to give, I was crouched behind the fireplace with sights trained on the backdoor, and I remember thinking "omg! I don't have a backdrop outside that will stop a .223! Do I shoot this guy in the doorway or let him move inside until he's in front of the exterior brick?"

    And then I woke up.

    My thoughts:

    The thought of finding my cell phone to call 911 never occured to me. I don't know why; it's the first thing that should have, as soon as I got inside.

    My doors are not that strong. They held up in the dream for a few kicks, but in real-life I had no doubt that one solid boot would splinter the front door in short order. My roomate's and I have asked our landlord about getting a real door, but so far nothing's happened. Maybe I'll look into that again.

    I need to plan out a few firing angles through my house. It was a bad feeling realizing that the first place I had chosen might as well have been hiding behind a bedsheet.

    I also need to think about backdrops. My house is all solid brick exterior, which should stop or at least make non-lethal a JSP .223 or handgun round, in my understanding. The doorways and windows will obviously not, and I don't have a good solution for this. The last thing I want is to stop some guy kicking in my door dead in his tracks, and find out 1hr later that the bullet went through my neighbors fence and into their house. I'll have to think on this.
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    I don't think a JSP out of an AR-15 is going to penetrate somebody and still be lethal coming out the other side. I'd be surprised if it made it all the way through in the first place - that being said, it is important to know what you're shooting at/through in case you do miss.

    If you can't (due to your location) eliminate all risks, the best you can do is minimize them. If you choose the second safest place in your house because it provides a better backstop for your potential shoot-throughs or misses, then you're giving up the safest place in the house. Of course there's give and take...but unless you live in a valley with no neighbors there isn't going to be a perfect answer.

    Thinking it out ahead of time is the responsible thing to do - if it ever comes down to it and bad things happen, knowing you did all you could to minimize risks will take some weight off your shoulders.


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