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This is a discussion on SHTF Scenario within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This question gets posted every few months or so. Doing a search will yield some good results, as well. SIXTO, as usual, is a straight ...

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Thread: SHTF Scenario

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    This question gets posted every few months or so. Doing a search will yield some good results, as well.

    SIXTO, as usual, is a straight shooter. The rule for a SHTF bag is to be as flexible and fluid-capable as the situation's changing dynamics. I keep a BOB sitting behind my bedroom door (or trunk of car if I travel out of town). I've got supplies for a week or so of hard backpacking. ~Three weeks is I bug-in or stay in one location.

    If you choose to build a BOB, it is utterly and thoroughly worthless until you test it. One weekend, grab your bag and bag only and head out. See how well you do over the weekend. You wouldn't carry and depend on a firearm you've never shot, would you?

    From my list, I omitted obvious things like boots and backpack. Less-obvious things I wear are still included.

    Tent (2-Man)
    Sleeping Bag (3-season Down)
    Titanium Cookware
    Supercat Stove (Do an internet search) + Denatured alcohol (Fuel)
    Water Purification + Iodine Tabs
    Electrolyte Replacement Powders
    Small bag of Vitamins
    Food (Too many options to list)
    Sunglasses w/ Strap (Slitted DuckTape works as well)
    Wool/Nylon "Wickdry" Socks
    Baseball Cap
    US Army Issue Poncho
    Duck Tape
    Fist/Last Aid Kit (Build one to suit your needs and region - Be SURE you include Immodium AD)
    Toothbrush (use baking soda as foot powder and add salt for toothpaste)
    Climb-On Bar (anti-blister)
    GPS w/ Altimeter
    Two Lights + batts/etc for one
    Firestarting Material (Vasoline + Dryer Lint in a Film Canister = Perfect)
    Knife (Duh.)
    100ft Paracord
    Carton of Cigarettes
    Two bottles of 100+pf Whiskey
    Ammunition for both

    Cigarettes and Whiskey, while even if you don't smoke, can make good trades to others if you need something. If you need this bag, trust me, people will trade almost anything to feed a vice.

    This bag weighs 35 pounds. HEAVY for a few days hike, but its flexible enough that I can go for some time with it. Assuming Small Game is about, anyhow... If you bug-in, chances are good you won't have to worry about game for food.

    It took me a few months and ~$500 to assemble it. Theres other small trinkets and misc. crap I hump with it but nothing worth mentioning. Anyhow, hopefully this is useful.
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    I think its a good idea to have one of those small pop-up camper things for buggin out. They are small and light enough to be towed behind a reasonably capable SUV, pickup or even a large car.

    You could have it preloaded with all the basics, and it could provide shelter and sustain a small family for a long time... and its mobile as can be.

    Maybe its just taking things to far...
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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