Well, looks like it was for the best afterall!

Well, looks like it was for the best afterall!

This is a discussion on Well, looks like it was for the best afterall! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I posted a few weeks ago about getting canned after 8 days on a new job, when I hadn't even received my license to let ...

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Thread: Well, looks like it was for the best afterall!

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    Well, looks like it was for the best afterall!

    I posted a few weeks ago about getting canned after 8 days on a new job, when I hadn't even received my license to let me do anything. Seemed to fit, the way the last 2 years have gone. Anyway, the day after I was canned, I received an email from a company that I had sent a CV to, asking me to call for an interview. Well, after 3 interviews, I was offered the job. I'll go by tomorrow to sign the offer letter, and get the paperwork started on the license. And, I also was able to spend several days training in my part time job, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't been fired. Since I was paid through the end of the month from the first job, I was able to "double dip", and make a few thousand extra. The new job has better pay and benefits than the job that I was fired from, and I like the work better. So, hopefully the dark cloud is starting to disperse.

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    Congrats Guy! I am very happy for you.

    It has been my experience that things do tend to work out for the best most times. After Hurricane Katrina I accepted a job with a TV station here in Memphis. Honestly, even though I was sick of hurricanes, I did not want to move. I hate moving. I really hate moving. Not a big fan of change either. I was pretty disgusted with the whole thing and I probably was no fun to live with for a while either.

    But, now 2 years later, we are all happy, the kids are doing better in school, I love it here in Tennessee and I doubt we will ever live anywhere else. This has turned out to be the best move we ever made and we have found an area where we really feel at home.

    I am very glad things are looking up for you. Keep plugging away.
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    Glad to hear things are looking up now. Know what you mean about luck. We went through too many years of bad news following disaster following break down ourselves. I finally told the wife I wasn't going to poke my head out of the trench any more 'cause I always get hit! But you keep swinging at the balls as they sail by and sooner or later you connect with one I guess. I hope we are on an upswing here ourselves and hopefully the same for you!
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    That's great!...hope the good luck continues!

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    That sounds way better than some time back when you were describing all the problems - great to hear and hope this all pans out real well.
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    That's good news Squaker. The last job I had I HATED going to work every day...to the point where there were marriage and health problems, but I don't quit. I went in one day and was led into the mgrs office, saw a HR drone there and just grinned, handed in my security card and walked out. Called the wife and she yelled WOO HOO standing at her desk. I took a month off on her orders...played with my showcar a bit, then started my own business and never looked back. Of course...now my boss is a SOB...but I can carry at work :-)
    Everything does work out the way it's supposed to...if you can pony up and deal with the mess until it straightens out.

    All we have to do is get TN Mike out of Memphis and into a more secure part of TN and he'll be all set.
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    Hope things keep looking up for you.
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    Congrats on the new job. Keep us informed on how it goes.

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