What could have been done better?

What could have been done better?

This is a discussion on What could have been done better? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; What could have been done better? This one was NOT a success. Elderly disabled man robbed of $55,000, jewelry, personal papers and his SUV in ...

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Thread: What could have been done better?

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    What could have been done better?

    What could have been done better? This one was NOT a success.

    Elderly disabled man robbed of $55,000, jewelry, personal papers and his SUV in Hooksett, New Hampshire.
    Read the article in the local paper at the following link-

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    Even if you don't have a house intrusion alarm installed in your house, there are alternatives. At the very least, like I read somewhere, hang aluminum cans over the door so they bang like h**l and wake you if you're sleeping.
    Bottom line is, you don't want to be woken up by a BG standing next to your bed with a gun pointed at you.
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    Some of that money should have been spent on a big watch dog...and a revolver (minimum .38)...

    Glad the guy is OK, but he know weeks ago that someone was snooping around...he should have been a little more suspicious...yep, definitely a big dog (think of the companionship...)

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    There are times when an alarm is useless. A few days ago, this happened in my area of the country.


    It's sick. There's no other way to describe it.
    Every time I see one of those home security commercials where the bad guy runs away, I think about this. So misleading.

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    Multi-layered security and delaying elements. Without them, you end up awakening to the BG with a gun to your head. There are only so many things the average person can do. Not everyone can have a couple/three watch dogs. Not everyone can have each door securely made and barred. Not everyone has an alarm. But, judiciously used, each can buy the one thing most needed in such a situation: time.

    I'm wondering: Did he have an alarm? Did he have the doors barred? Did he have a loud/alert dog? Did he merely have a cabinet with a lock, or a proper "safe" (since it was removed by the robbers)? Did he have an insurance policy to cover that much stored inside his home? Or, did he store the truly irreplaceable items in a place of security, elsewhere? No copy of his will, not even with his attorney or in his bank's safe deposit box? Was the "safe" bolted to the home's foundation? Was ...

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    Living alone and being older, facing three determined thieves I'm afraid there's not too much he could have done.

    Maybe if he had a dog or alarm to wake him and a loaded shotgun and was able to shoot it... but there's so many unknowns.

    It's just sad the cowardly ******** got away.
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    After the entry into his home, not much based on the story.

    Before the fact, he could have kept his money in the bank and his mouth a bit more closed, as it appears that the men knew about his situation, safe, valuables, ect. More security, a dog, many things may have helped, but without knowing all the circumstances it is hard to guess where to start.

    I just hope that it wasn't someone that he knew or someone a family member knew and had told about the gent.

    Glad he is safe.
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    All have good suggestions, but I got one more to add; Keep your mouth shut!

    These guys knew that the old man had something very worth while in his home... they knew it was in a safe, they knew about some pills etc. This tells me someone was running their mouth, and the wrong people found out about it.

    Nobody knows about my gun collection or other valuables. I was taught my whole life that somethings are just better not talked about.
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