Funny Parrot

Funny Parrot

This is a discussion on Funny Parrot within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Friends have been telling my to show my birds on youtube, so I uploaded this one . This is Doobie, he is a 10 y/o ...

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Thread: Funny Parrot

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    Funny Parrot

    Friends have been telling my to show my birds on youtube, so I uploaded this one . This is Doobie, he is a 10 y/o Amazon Parrot.
    should be good for a laugh
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    He certainly does not have a 'self-esteem' problem...
    Funny bird, he must give you hours of entertainment!

    Thanks for the laughs...
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    Wow - there's a bird with talent!!!

    The singing sounds amazing. Quite a repertoire altogether.
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    Thats one neat bird... I like your grey in the cage with Doobie too. You can almost tell that he/she thinks Doobie is some sort of loon.
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    I've always enjoyed hearing birds speak, and that seems to be a strange thing in nature......human voices coming out of a bird. BTW Doobie had a good singing voice, better than lots of humans !

    When I was a kid in the 60's we used to stop at a donut shop, on one side of the shop they sold donuts, right across the counter (on the customer side) were cages and cages of birds (Myna birds sp?). The birds I guess were sort of an attraction to entice people in the shop. Thinking about the birds/donuts combination today, I suppose the Health Dept would completely melt-down upon seeing such a scenario. I wonder how many total pounds of feathers and down we ate that was stuck on our glazed donuts?
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    Lol,that was pretty sweet.

    I loved the "quak quak quak" thing,talk about messing with little kids!!!

    "but mom,I swear parrots go quak too!"

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    My wife and I got a good laugh out of this.

    We look forward to an ENCORE!
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    WOW!! I love birds and grew up having 2 African grays my grandmother had. They said quite alot. Mostly dirty phrases and stuff my grandpa thought was funny. It's weird to wake to a bird a 7 am telling you to "kiss my feathered a$$" But, they were great
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