Terrorism - so frustratingly effective

Terrorism - so frustratingly effective

This is a discussion on Terrorism - so frustratingly effective within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; So - here we are again - London this time. I rejoice as a Dad that my daughter is safe, because since being a Mom ...

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Thread: Terrorism - so frustratingly effective

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    Terrorism - so frustratingly effective

    So - here we are again - London this time. I rejoice as a Dad that my daughter is safe, because since being a Mom she no longer commutes to Russell Square station, as she did when an editor for a magazine. I am equally sickened tho as I think of the other Dad's who are this day mourning the loss of a son or daughter.

    I reflect also on the almost inevitable success - and I use that word with reserve - the terrorists have again gained. Apart from breaking bodies into little pieces - terrorism's prime goal it seems is to instill fear - uncertainty and also we might add, further constrictions on the freedoms of the law abiding folks (in the name of security). This they have achieved.

    We all lose - in some shape or form - this is what is so GD frustrating about it - and angering. And yet how do we deal with the perps? Gut reaction is a sorta ''kill em all'' - and yet the bad guys are statistically a (relatively) small number but made very obvious thru their actions. Because of the ''blood lust'' that follows these events tho - yet again, yes, the perp's - kill em all!!

    I cannot tho see this achieving too much other than maybe stepping nearer to WWIII - but how to find and identify the actual perp's? - that is the problem. Made worse perhaps by a seeming low key condemnation of them by their countrymen. I predict that once another ''event'' occurs here - and it most surely will I fear - then it could well be open season on any and all ''suspects'', because we are NOT going to take much more of this intimidation, without something breaking. Profiling will be public domain.

    To return to the prime subject matter - whether folks like to admit it or not - the terrorists have won - again. I seek retribution - awful and violent retribution but even that is part of their grand scheme ... put simply - ''screwing with free society'' - and that I regret saying, they do far too well.

    I should add- however, we WILL NOT BE beaten! But the fight will be long - extremely long, with no end as I see it in sight as yet.

    I have a spare flame suit if anyone wishes to take issue!
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    No flame suit need with me your dead on .. I understand the Kill um all feeling im there mine is more like Nuke um all take the oil and call it good..

    Thing is with these people your not sure where they are where there from and as you said there contrys dont condem them openly enough so ya know ..

    i know we cant just Nuke the whole middle east or blow it back into the stoneage hell its there all ready but it sure would solve a lot of things

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    The sad part is that a large number of people will blame the policies of the US (Bush) and allies for the attacks and not the people that actually carried them out. Kinda like blamin guns for murders instead of murderers.
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    These terrorist hafta realize that by killing innocent people they are turning themselves into the most despised group of cockroaches on the planet.
    But, in their twisted way of thinking...it's Satan People (us) that hate them...& TO THEM that's a good thing! NOTHING they like better than for the rest of the world to hate them.
    They want WWIII to come because they believe that they will win it.
    They are so skewed and "mind~bent" that they are never going to be able to be either reasoned with or appeased. They just hafta be eliminated.

    It's AMAZING what the United States can do once we REALLY give something the "Green Go Ahead" and I think/HOPE that we are going to get A WHOLE LOT BETTER IN A REAL BIG HURRY at tracking these people down.

    They NEED to communicate and get money & we'll be able to find them that way.
    We also need to hire a whole bunch of good U.S. Government Payrolled Muslims to set up LOTS of "Sting Operations" & when the terrorists try to buy or import explosives...we just go & kill them. Like Israel does. That might work.
    I'm sure OUR GOV is working on the "problem" right now.
    I'm sure we have a few sneaky tricks up Ol' Uncle Sam's Sleeve right now.
    We'll at least get some of them.
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    No flame suit here, either, P95. I'm glad to hear your daughter is safe. I hope it bodes as well for other friends and family still in London.

    I agree with your statement that they have won, but at the same time, they have lost, the same as us (not US but free countries that still possess the fortitude to try and deal with this situation). It is events like this that builds resolve to try to cure it. It's sad, but much of the horror of 9/11 and the determination Americans had soon afterward have subsided. Many of our people have a shallow memory. They want things fixed by "someone else" and they want it done overnight. Anything else and they are bored with it and want to attack the people that are trying to "fix" it (Bush & Blair). The war on terror is more than a week long expedition to unfurl rags from the heads of a bunch of murdering terrorists. I fear we may lose this war, not because they have succeeded in blowing up more innocent people. I fear we will lose because there is no commitment from our people to support our troops and our President. If Clinton was in office for this, I would bury my dislike for him and support him for as long as it takes. You don't see that from the other side of the aisle now.

    The only thing that will pull this country together IMO will be more acts of terrorism on US soil. It seems to erase much of the yellow, temporarily, from the backs of our citizenry. This is, arguably, a situation we have never been in before in the US. It very well may come down to profiling. And if that's what it takes, let's get on with it. I seek the same retribution that you do, and likely much of the UK as well. We're headed steadily towards something and I doubt it will be pretty. But I'm up for it.
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