Justice is served!

Justice is served!

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Thread: Justice is served!

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    Talking Justice is served!

    OK one more on the road story, for now that is.

    Driving on the highway with the cruse set at the speed limit + 1 or 2 (SOP), per the GPS it is daylight hours (some of these states take the limit real serious).

    Red Mustang roars by like I am in reverse, 3-4 miles later there he is in the breakdown lane, hood up, smoke rolling.

    Very loud Jap Junk-mobile wings N stuff Blows by, doing a lot more than is allowed, few miles down the road, there he is with the Police have a very expensive discussion about his driving habits.

    Car in right lane doing about 60 in a 70, no signal, suddenly cuts in front, maintains speed, effectively blocking the road. I wait patently behind him for several miles with no change I do a Flash the headlights to pass. He slams on the breaks, then speeds back up. Few more miles and I try again, N he repeats but this time the right lane is clear so I swing on by befoe he can react.

    I know of all the immature stuff I wanted to do but I abided by my primary rules, M CCW so be smarter than them, When someone is stupid either...

    A. Pass them and get far enough away so they can kill someone else.
    B. If A is not available get off the highway and let them get down the road so they can kill someone else.
    C. Always Do a 911 on them, and it went something like this.

    Me "we are on Highway.... westbound... Marker..... Silver Honda license.... Relate incident"
    dispatcher "Can you still see them"
    Me "1/2 mile behind in review"
    dispatcher "we have a officer entering the highway now"
    I watch the review and all of a sudden I see the blue lights come on about 1/2 mile back.
    Dispatcher "we have them thank you" BTY They were still blocking the left lane, road rage I wonder how much that cost them?
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    Well done, and great outcome. I have taken to NEVER flash my lights at anyone, regardless of how obnoxious their driving may be. Some folks are just wound so tight that a minor affront like that can set them off, and I believe it's just better to follow your ABCs and do away with the flash...
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    The flash to pass is very common in europe still, but they really don't teach it much in driving schools any more. The only thing they do teach is as you are about to pass, gently honk the horn to let them know.

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    I reluctanly agree that the flash to pass is just a good signel but viewed by the same idiots who go 10 under as a provaction

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    For left lane hogs, I just sit behind them with the left turn signal flashing in their side mirror. Usually, they will move over because it's distracting.
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    I work for a delivery company and part of our defensive driving is to notify other drivers of your intentions.. be it turn signals, horn, or flashing of lights. I can not count the number of people who call in and report our drivers being rude by using the horn when they are getting ready to step out into the street, flashing lights at approaching cars when we are making turns across traffic, or using blinkers in residential areas to pull to the curb or from the curb..

    I myself had a complaint while training an individual, I honked the horn about 100', then 50' as I was all the way to the right of a car being pushed through an intersection. I had plenty of room to pass them safely I was just letting them know I was there.

    The general public is clueless about remaining visible while driving and the intended function of some devices.. I laugh everytime I get to return a call about these, and with the exception of one time was able to get the caller to see why we do this..

    Not like a big brown noisy truck is hard to spot.. but you would be surprised how many people run into those things.

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    The left lane hogs make my head explode. I cant stand it, it drives me nuts. I wont be weak and do want I really want to do though, as it solves nothing.
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    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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