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Liberty dollars have no value except what people are willing to accept for them. Sounds exactly like Disney Bucks to me... They just happen to be made out of metals that some people find valuable as well.
No, Disney Bucks have value at Disney. Every store there will take them, at their printed value, in lieu of actual dollars. There is no expectation (or claim) of them having any value outside of Disney. This is a bad comparison, period.

Privately printed money (which this is, no matter how you want to spin it) is a BAD idea on any wide scale. Competing currencies can only cause confusion, slow down commerce, and invite counterfeiting... Of course, you as an individual have the option to not use "fiat" money if you want, but it's going to be tough toting around those chickens and polished stones to the gas station...

P.S. I can exchange my greenbacks for silver or gold whenever I'd like - it's called "buying it."