Black Friday

Black Friday

This is a discussion on Black Friday within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I was reading a recent post authored by our own Limatunes about her 'politely enlightening' two of her girlfriends in the world of firearms and ...

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Thread: Black Friday

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    Unhappy Black Friday

    I was reading a recent post authored by our own Limatunes about her 'politely enlightening' two of her girlfriends in the world of firearms and self-defense......a great read and great job by the way, Bravo Zulu Lima! At one point she wrote about planning her day at the mall in advance.......OK I can see that, I would never attempt a "active-charger" Mall breeching without a solid tactical picture, properly thought-out back-up plan, and JD's credit card! Otherwise I want nothing to do with the mall or shopping in general.

    Well, my wife informs me Friday night that she is going to get up early and "have me" take her (read: drive and escort duty) around the day after Thanksgiving.
    Before I can even distort my face in protest she tells me she knows my feelings about the crowds, shopping, and the Christmas rush in general......but she has a few things that'll only be at such-n-such store, can't get it online, great that point all I heard comming outta her mouth was "blah, blah, blah........."
    Then I heard it, the "....and you'll have your 'buddy' with you, so I won't feel so vunerable." I told her I'll drive her booty down to the courthouse and we'll get her own CCL so she'll feel safer without me. All I got was a roll of the eyes and a very buttering "your SO much better than me about gun safty and you know I'm not comfortable with that". ( I'm working on her guy's, so don't flame me too hard that she's not carrying yet.....I'm still working on getting her to the range).
    I just relinquished the discourse and accepted the fact she going and wants me there too. Now at some point yesterday I hear her on the phone doing a "Lima" and laying out a 'search and seizure' assualt plan with her girlfriend. So I ask who else is 'involved'......"just _____ and ______." I am now in full protest mode and unless I get to go to MY "toy store", with her girlfriends, and look at (read: BUY) the RRA I've been coveting...........

    Sorry people......just ranting over the upcomming "sheep stampeed" I'll be subjected to. Who else here has plans (or has been "volun-told") to play in the tradition of chaos while still 'hungover' from the Thanksgiving Day food-fest? I love my wife but.........

    I, all of a sudden, find myself wondering where I can hide a few "flash-n-crash" gernades. A few of those deployed at the local "Big Box Mart" would ease-up some of the congestion perhaps?

    Oh well, enough day-dreaming. What say you about your Black Friday plans?

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    Lol,,, I got out of doing the same thing... I am taking her over to Lake City to visit friends and I get to go pig hunting on Fri. and Dove hunting on Sat. while she and her friends go shopping in Gainesville!

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    @ Wits' End

    I have plans to go shooting with my sister and nephew.
    Both my sons will probably go along, along with my daughter-in-law.
    The only problem is, we need more guns! (That's my story, honey, and I'm sticking to it.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TC_FLA View Post
    Lol,,, I got out of doing the same thing... I am taking her over to Lake City to visit friends and I get to go pig hunting on Fri. and Dove hunting on Sat. while she and her friends go shopping in Gainesville!
    Lake City? My wife's got some family close by there.....I wonder if......

    Aww there I go, day dreaming again! Good luck! I envy you TC!

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    The next time I now plan on even going NEAR a mall is 2008!

    If I don't have it now, or a delivery/mail man can't bring it, hopefully it can wait!

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    I am so glad that we are seeing family that day and the shopping must be postponed.
    A real man loves his wife, and places his family as the most important thing in life. Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father.

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    My Dad and I are taking the quads and some of my hardware up in the National Forests for some quality outdoor time. I'll be about as far as I can get from the rush.
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    I'm going to Cabelas to stock up on ammo. Got a major shoot with a local car club the following morning. hehehe Beyond that... NOTHING. I stay in as much as possible on BF.
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    being taken (kicking and screaming might i add) by my fiance, mom, aunt and grandma... only good this is that I get a free breakfast hehe...
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    That's an additional advantage to having a wife who carries!

    If I don't go shopping with her...that's fine...she can take care of her own protection!
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    Don't even mention Black Friday. If you don't talk about it, it isn't happening...I can't hear you, nanananananananananana.
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    i lock myself in the house on black friday

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    So I ask who else is 'involved'
    Hmm I better check w/ my wife. She has the same plan of attack as yours. I'm thinking there's some kind of conspiracy going on here. She even gave me the same story about how vulnerable she would be without me to protect her. And honestly, if there was a SHTF situation, I would want to be there anyway.

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    I wish my day was that easy. I work part time at an office supply retail store so you know where I'll be.

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    I will be working security for my company on this day.Crowds, pushing, lost kids , oh the fun.
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