Networking issues

Networking issues

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Thread: Networking issues

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    Networking issues

    Okay, so I'm trying very hard to get into the almost impossible field of private security (secuirty consultations, bodyguards, transportation security, patrol armed/unarmed guards)with asperations to own a business in this feild one day. I start as an unarmed guard here shortly (have to start at the bottom), but when i mentioned my asperations to my employer durring the interview session to the question "why do you think you'd excel at this job" all I got was a blank 'oooohh one of these guys" looks. My question to you is if you know anyhwere or anyone that could use these services, or that acutally preforms these services so that I could acutally learn somthing about how to start this company would you let me know, or let them know that plan I on becoming the leader of this industry? I know most of these people have combat experience. unfortunatley lack-there-of (combat experience) will be somthing i'm going to have to deal with because I had an irregularity at birth (fixed now) that keeps me out of all combat jobs in the armed forces... just the way it is. I just need all the experience I can get, and am having trouble networking. Open to all suggestions, contacts, and ideas. Thank yoU!

    p.s. I know this is a bit of an unorthodox approach, but thats business today.

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    Check with the French Foreign Legion. That'll get you some combat experience. Enlistment info here:
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    You're giving yourself 2 immediate strikes against you when you answer that question honestly to the new employer.

    First you're telling them that "hey, working for you is not my life long dream. I will merely be a temporary worker at best for you. You're going to train me, and then I'm going to go work for someone else and put the skills you taught me to work for them".

    Secondly, you're telling that business owner that "my desire is to one day become your direct competition in this business by opening my own business, using the skills that you taught me".

    Sometimes honesty is way too much information!
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    Well, If its executive protection you want to do, your going all about it the wrong way. Its not a field on can break into with no experiance, as learning on the job and mistakes can be deadly. You cannot come across as a rambo wannabe. Whether you are or not, that is the way you presented yourself to a employer, and thats the way I read it here. Sorry, but guys like this are all over the place, and I dont want them working for me. I'm just trying to be honest with you.
    You need to figure out a way to gain some experiance first; and combat isnt the only way to do it. In fact, that probably not the best way at all.

    It sounds funny, but consider working as a bouncer in a reputable club... you'll meet some people. As your doing that, start hanging out with people in the business; but thats not easy to do. Perhaps at the shooting schools... but dont pay attention to the students, (to much garbage to sort through) and dont run your mouth to the instructors... just listen and pay attention, then ask intelligent questions. Most people that truly make a living doing this dont like to run their mouths or allow outsiders in. Its just the way it is.
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