Winter Avatar Changes

Winter Avatar Changes

This is a discussion on Winter Avatar Changes within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; What the heck is going on???? Every time I look at DC everyone has new avatars. Is this like the changing of the guards? Just ...

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Thread: Winter Avatar Changes

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    Winter Avatar Changes

    What the heck is going on???? Every time I look at DC everyone has new avatars. Is this like the changing of the guards? Just when I start to recognize posters it just turns to crap.

    Now we have cupcakes, motorcycles are turning to faces. Did Lima start all of this trouble?

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    It's like the guys switching over from their summer gun to their winter gun!
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    Some folks just like to present a moving target.....

    And actually there are some that have never changed theirs.

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    I rarely change mine, but 9 times outta ten it'll have to do with DIE HARD.
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    Rick and I have had ours almost since we registered. We are the boring and consistent ones I guess.
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    I am on #3 ........ and it's been there (blinking) for a long time now
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    I miss my bike, but I probably identify with NEWMAN...
    I blame TN Mike and Lima...
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    And don't be caught wearing a white holster in the fall.
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    mine is always the same.stays that way on the other forums too, except its animated.

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    I guess I'm dull, boring and listless too.

    I've been thinking of changing it, but then no one would know me and I'd have to act like a newb again.
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    Mine is my original. It's so OLD...the little boy is in his second year of college now - the dogs hips are displaced and he has no teeth and his fur is falling out - the flags are tattered and faded...the rifle is all pitted and rusty and the grass is all weeds.

    I should really change mine someday. At least temporarily.

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    I changed mine just to see if I could; besides the Python and knife are two of the favorite toys! But I will go along and blame Lima too...
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    right behind you!
    Here is my new one. They conceal well.

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    HAHA... I think I'm on my fifth? Or something like that, and I was looking through pictures yesterday plotting and planning my next avatar for Christmas.

    I usually make all of my own avatars so it gets a little involved.

    I get bored too easily. I need change.. excitement...

    You think this is bad, you should see how often the backgrounds on my phone and computer change.

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    If you want to blame anyone it might be me. When I joined I started with one of my dogs as the avatar and I changed every two months. We have three dogs, but I also used the two who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge as avatars. Then I put up the one that I have now. After several months we got on a real eagle and flag kick so I first had an eagle, then a flag, then an eagle flying over a flag. I kept the last one for a good while and then went back to my vanity tag avatar. If I added correctly I have had 10 avatars in about 22 months of membership, but twice the avatars were the same. I like variety. I may change again soon.

    Just checked and found that I had two avatars for 3 of the dogs and that I had an eagle in front of the flag before I had the eagle flying over the flag. So the correct number of avatars is 8 dog avatars, 1 flag, 1 eagle, two eagles and flags, and the DR CMG license plate for at total of 13 different avatars and 14 usages since the DR CMG avatars has been used twice.
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