Darwin again - total success!!

Darwin again - total success!!

This is a discussion on Darwin again - total success!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Guys - I try not to bring over too much stuff from THR or other forums but hey - this one is funny, in a ...

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Thread: Darwin again - total success!!

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    Darwin again - total success!!

    Guys - I try not to bring over too much stuff from THR or other forums but hey - this one is funny, in a very macabre sense. If you saw it on THR - apologies but for those who didn't - here ya go. (I made up and added a pic that sorta ''captured the essence'' if you will )

    (I have BTW used a quote as the source requires registration ...... but the source was ... http://www.whas11.com/topstories/sto....aad3a37e.html )
    Search ends for escaped prisoners

    10:42 AM EDT on Friday, July 15, 2005

    The search is over for two inmates who escaped from the Kentucky State Reformatory in LaGrange. Police found the bodies of Michael Talbot, Jr. and Avery Roland in a Trimble county landfill. Residents near the landfill spent the day wondering if one of the escapees was still alive -- then wondered why they tried such a dangerous escape route.

    The discovery of the body led to a pretty quick confirmation: it was Avery Roland, one of the prisoners who were thought to have escaped Wednesday from the LaGrange Reformatory.

    But an afternoon-long search led by a cadaver dog failed to yield escapee number two, Michael Talbot, it left landfill neighbors wondering if he was still on the loose, dangerous and in their yards:

    ?Of course I?m worried,? said Matthew McClintock. ?That?s not good news, really.?

    Just before 6 p.m. Thursday, as state police called off the search, a landfill employee noticed a hand sticking up through the trash.

    ?They stumbled upon the second inmate and did find his body here in the landfill,? said Kentucky State Trooper Greg Larimore.

    So how did Talbot and Roland get from their home at the LaGrange prison to being dead in a Trimble County landfill? State corrections officials believe they hopped inside a prison dumpster and got picked up and dumped into a front loading garbage truck, which was at the prison Wednesday morning.

    ?That?s a dumb idea. A real dumb idea,? laughed landfill neighbor Dave Woosley. ??Cause you know that pressure in there, there?s no way you can stop it.?

    What the stowaways apparently didn't count on was being crushed by the garbage truck's compactor.

    ?We?re saddened by the deaths of two human beings. The reality is they put themselves at risk and they?re responsible for that,? said Kentucky Corrections Commissioner John Rees.

    The Department of Corrections says trash trucks are compacted twice while at the reformatory as a security precaution.

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    What a way to go, but then prison escapes are risky....
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    Gee, darn....I am all broken up by this....really....
    If total government control equals safety, why are prisons so dangerous?

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    Me too. If only some child molestors had tried to escape with them...

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    Trash Disposal...

    a fitting description...

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    Kind of brings new meaning to the phrase "taking out the trash"
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    That's just crushing news... (sorry)
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    Would have commented sooned but, I was indisposed


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    Well I'll bet they won't have to many more inmates trying to escape that way any time soon.

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