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This is a discussion on Paycheck issues within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Originally Posted by jeephipwr Contact your state's Department of Labor/wages and ask them. They can better answer that question and provide information on what legal ...

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Thread: Paycheck issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeephipwr View Post
    Contact your state's Department of Labor/wages and ask them. They can better answer that question and provide information on what legal recourse you might have as other options.
    +1. I will be astounded if they can refuse to pay you in the way you choose. Let us know....

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    The State of Arizona went to automatic deposit some time ago and I refused it. I was one of two people that wanted a paper check. After awhile they told everyone that was still getting paper that they would have to move to automatic deposit or accept a debit card. I went with the automatic deposit at that point. They cannot force you, I don't believe, to have a bank account, but they may eventually open one up for you (a debit account) and force you to be paid that way. One of the people in Accounting told me that they were also considering charging people a surcharge for a printed check, but they decided against that one....
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    It is a matter of picking your fights. The language of the agreement stinks, but unless the company is comprised of crooks, it is probably in your best interest to go with the flow and accept the terms. They can, after all, fire you for any reason...and that includes not accepting direct deposit.

    I'm constantly amazed that in a nation of consumers (all of us), and a nation in which 80% of us work for our living, our legislators so utterly fail to protect us from things like this weird agreement. Whether it is pre-dispute arbitration agreements or contracts of adhesion full of got ya language that doesn't quite rise to the "unconscionable" level, the ordinary person is constantly being shafted by this sort of thing.

    In an ideal world you should expect to be paid at the end of the day, workweek, or whatever period is agreed to, in cash, by check, or by direct deposit at the bank of your choice. No additional strings attached.

    What would happen if you crossed out the part of the agreement you don't like, initaled and dated it, and returned it to your employer?

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    You know, it's this "standard language" crap that's a prime example of them leading us into complacency. A contract is supposed to be a bilateral agreement, where both parties agree to the terms. More and more you're seeing what generally amounts to a unilateral contract, where they offer and you accept. Granted, it's still a contract, because you're agreeing to their terms, but once you try to change their terms....haha, good luck with that. Ugh.

    What would happen if you crossed out the part of the agreement you don't like, initaled and dated it, and returned it to your employer?
    Missed that right before I posted, somehow, and I always try to read every post before I post. But yeah, it's just that sort of thing. I think we all know what would happen in that case, but you should be able to do it. Good luck, though, with the way corporations go these days.
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    I've had direct deposit for years...from both sides of the pay window...I was paid that way (still am), and it was the way our school district did business...
    It's really not a problem for you...I wouldn't worry about it...
    You know that the government can already get into your account anyway...try not paying your taxes!

    A company is not going to steal your money (they would hire a lawyer to do that)...anyway, there's a paper trail and it works both ways.

    Actually, you will probably learn to appreciate 'direct deposit''s always there...quicker than 'getting a check. A check can get lost in the mail...not your direct deposit. I believe that you will find it to be only a psychological problem, you'll get over it quickly, it's really no big deal.


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    That's the way I did my Paypal. I opened up a separate bank account only for Paypal deposit transfers only and that is the only thing that goes in there and that is all that I use it for.

    You know that when you have as much money as I do you really have to keep close watch over it.
    Somebody might completely drain one of my bank accounts and the use the money to treat 4 friends to dinner at Long John Silvers.
    And then I would be "wiped out" and financially ruined.
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