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Do you miss a vehicle?

This is a discussion on Do you miss a vehicle? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; My dad bought me a 1992 Toyota 4x4 with 31 inch tires on nice American Racing rims for my 16th birthday. It had a scorched ...

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Thread: Do you miss a vehicle?

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    My dad bought me a 1992 Toyota 4x4 with 31 inch tires on nice American Racing rims for my 16th birthday. It had a scorched engine and he and I replaced it.

    I turned it on its side the day I got my driver license. The right mirror broke, the blinker broke, and the right door was dented.

    A couple months later I was playing with it on ice and rolled it 360. It didn't total it, but it made a project for my cousin, a master body tech and painter. He fixed and put an incredible custom paint on it. That truck was the prize of the high school parking lot.

    A few months later a guy ran a stop sign and hit me head-on, totalling my Toyota.

    Now, I drive a 99 Isuzu Hombre with more scratches and dents than miles. It gets me down the road. My brother backed into it and destroyed the tailgate, which now is secured with bungie cords.

    I really miss my Toyota. However, it taught me that a truck should be a truck instead of a prize.
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    The only one I miss so far is my 93 Jeep Cherokee. It was nothing spectacular, but it gave me no trouble and is still running. Sold it to a nephew after a gal ran a stop light and hit it. I thought insurance would total it so I replaced it with my new (er) Jeep, which I hope I will never have to part with. This one will never be finished I don't believe.

    Edited: Do some of you really name your vehicles?
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    I miss my '99 Ford Ranger. It was the first truck I ever bought new. I sold it to my daughter and have regretted it ever since. She is neglecting it into the ground.

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    I miss my 1st car, a 1968 Olds 442. NOT a car for a new driver. I could lay rubber through 3 gears, run down T/As, Camaros, etc with no problem.
    (blew it up...wonder why :-)
    I also miss my 95 Jeep Wrangler but I don't know really why. Nothing special, I just loved it. Felt good driving it. Had to sell it when I started in on site computer repair. Not enough room to carry computers...too easy to break into.
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    I miss my old stealth. Fun toy. I don't miss the tickets though. Nothing like taking a bright red sports car and giving it more oomph. I had taken out the turbos from a supra and added them in the stealth. RUH ROH! eventually met it's demise. I ended up getting t-boned by a toyota MR2 that happened to fit inside the door frame of the stealth.
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    I still have the vehicle I miss most - it's just not driveable at the moment. It is a 1992 VW GTI. I am in the process of stripping it down and getting ready to convert it from a 1.8l 8v 4 cylinder FWD to a 2.8l 12v 6 cylinder MR. This will involve making a full tube frame, a firewall, and fabricating the necessary suspension pieces to run an engine and transaxle designed for a FWD Passat in the rear of a GTI. All kinds of fun!

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    My wife and I both just hate it when we sold our "most missed" -
    a 1981 Harley Sturgis model. I bought it brand new, my first Harley. That thing broke down if the wind blew. I had to carry about 20 pounds of spare parts along with me (yet I still really miss it, great how you can kind of forget all the bad things like pushing it all over the place). People would tell me that my bike was leaking and I'd ask which leak were they talking about!

    Harleys have changed, though. We have two now and all we do is ride them, no parts, no tools, no leaks.

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    My '86 Mustang 5.0 LX and my '88 Mustang 5.0 GT

    I never should have gotten rid of either.

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    .69 Fire bird 400ci all muscle, .72 chevelle 327ci and a .72 Dodge Charger 440 Hemi.
    There is a lot more, But those are the ones I miss the most.
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    1965 Impala SS 2 door hardtop with a 283 Powerglide. My first car. Then was my 1969 Chevy C10 pickup - 2wd with a 12 bolt 3.73 and a T400 - it had a few different 350s through the years I owned it. Good times with those old cars - they do tend to suck the life out of you though.


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    A 1987 Jeep Cherokee. 210,000 miles and the paint job looked horrible, but I loved that truck. I would still be driving it except that one day, some lady decided to run a red light. She was fine, I was fine, but my Jeep was totaled. The damage wasn't all that bad but it doesn't take much to total a $2000 vehicle. All I have left of it now is the CD player, which the insurance company let me keep and it's now in my current truck.

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    Oh yes, back in the 70's I sold my 1969 Mustang Mach 1, I miss that car ! 351 cleveland it was a very fast pony. Also sold my 77 Vette to use money for a down payment on a house. 84 Mustag GT 5speed, that was another fast pony dubbed the Porche eater by Ford.
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    '56 dodge that I was customizing in HighSchool, I left it at my mothers when I went into the service. Her car broke down and she had my brother drive her to work in my car, they got center punched by a drunk driver who was speeding. Totaled the car and put my mother in the hospital. Really miss that car.

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    1970 Mustang with V8. Had to dump it because I moved to where I needed AC. Also, body was rusting out from all the sand and salt on Iowa and Minnessota roadways.

    Back then the speed limit on I 35 between northern Iowa and southern MN was 75. Everyone went 80-85. That Mustang ate it up.

    Then, 1973 came along. Oil shortages. National Speed Limit = 55. The start of Stagflation.


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    The one I miss is selling my 1970 Malibu (350cid), I sold it in the late 70's.

    Since I learned my lesson, I've been saving old cars that I bought from family members, many had been bought new by them. I have them all lined up in a big barn. Nothing worth too much really but fun to look at and drive occasionally. My grandkids one day will be in awe of the "antiques".

    63 Chevy Impala;53 GMC p/u; 67 Chevy Impala; 72 Chevy Caprice hardtop w/4bbl; and two really funny ones........74 Pinto and a Ford LTD II, I can't remember the year but it's long as a battleship
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