Montana Teen Bags Record Bull Elk **Update**

Montana Teen Bags Record Bull Elk **Update**

This is a discussion on Montana Teen Bags Record Bull Elk **Update** within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; This 13 year old young lady from Kalispell shot this record bull elk in the Missouri River Breaks on 23 November. Safari Club Int'l scored ...

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Thread: Montana Teen Bags Record Bull Elk **Update**

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    Montana Teen Bags Record Bull Elk **Update**

    This 13 year old young lady from Kalispell shot this record bull elk in the Missouri River Breaks on 23 November. Safari Club Int'l scored the rack at 401 3/4 points. It's likely a State record for a youth hunter, and probably ranks in the top ten ever taken in Montana.

    She used a rifle in .280 Remington, make wasn't specified.

    Pretty neat.

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    Dang, she could almost use the rack to make a hammock!

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    You'd have to build an addition onto my house to hang something that big.
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    Wow, very impressive.
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    That will go very nicely if she has a wall big enough to hang the darn thing. Good to see youth involved in hunting, and outdoor activities.

    Congratulations to her.
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    That's a big sucker. She should be proud.

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    With 7 1/2 foot ceilings in an apartment the nose of that would be about 3 ft. off the floor. Nice rack, back in the old days that would have made a good Bow, or musket rack.

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    Any elk that scores over 350 is just huge. This one surpasses the word superhumongus. It tickles me to death to see young kids take up the sport and even better that young ladies are taking up the sport of hunting. Good for her.
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    I wonder if a future husband will let her hang it over the fireplace. I bet the smile on her father was bigger than hers.

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    There has to be someway she can work that into a scholarship.
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    I am very proud of her!! Hope she reads this forum and a bunch of her friends and gets more involved in the outdoor sports! Does my heart good to see this!! You go girl!!!
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    I hunted for a few years as I grew up in Libby Montana, 90 miles from Kalispell. Had many a dream of an Elk like that!!! My hat is off to her. Her only problem now is that everything from here on will never measure up to this first one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitmaster View Post
    I wonder if a future husband will let her hang it over the fireplace.
    Somehow, I don't see her husband "letting" her do anything...

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    Impressive for sure...for a 13 year old? WOW!
    Gotta' be a proud dad there...
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