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How do you shave?

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Thread: How do you shave?

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    Shick extreme w/aloe in the shower

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    Quote Originally Posted by aus71383 View Post
    I use disposable cartridge Gillette types 6 days a week - I don't bleed as bad as I used to. In the field or on a Saturday I have a $10 electric razor that gives me a little break. Reading all this stuff has got me considering a double edged safety razor though - I sure don't like spending money on this junk.

    You should really think about it - I recommend it to everyone. Browse on over to Badger and Blade -
    You think people here are crazy obsessed in their hobbies? You ain't read nothing yet.
    You can find a razor at an antique shop for 8-10 bucks very often. I have 3 or 4, never spent more than 10.
    if I may make a suggestion: Do not (DO NOT) buy the Double-edged razor blades from Wal-Mart/CVS/Rite-Aid. (They're all the same) The cheap razors you can find in standard stores are just that - cheap. Order some from somewhere. There are some Badger & Blade members who sell sample packs, with 5 of each different type of blade, from least sharp to most sharp. Try them out, see what works for you.

    Let's put it this way - minute thickness is measured in angstroms. A piece of paper is something like 1,000,000 angstroms thick. The edge of a Feather DE razor blade (agreed to be the sharpest around) is around 300 angstroms thick, if I remember correctly.

    And of course, spring for a good Badger Hair brush - it's the only way to go. I recommend this to everyone as well - even if you don't get a DE razor, get a Badger Hair brush and some real shaving cream - changes your perspective on life. There's a reason the DE afficianados call "modern" shaving cream "gunk in a can."

    Also, don't let the initial cost fool you. A good razor can be found locally for 8-10 dollars, you can buy them new for 30-60. A good badger hair brush starts at around 35. But after that, blades and cream are the only recurring expense. Cream you buy anyway, and the blades, if bought in bulk can be cheap. I bought 100 Feather blades in bulk, shipped, for 30 dollars. Yes, that's THIRTY CENTS per blade, and when you get good enough a blade can last 4-7 shaves (or more). That alone outweighs the 2 bucks a cartridge for a Mach3 (I can't even imagine what the Fusion cartridges run)
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    The job I currently have I can have a beard so I just take hair clippers and trim about once a week.
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    Well, men and women, it's about time we spent a few minutes on personal grooming. I don't know whether to try to pull off a Cosmo parody or a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy routine.

    All of this time, talking scenarios , calibers, barrel lengths and the like, well, the truth now comes out!

    I use a Mach III with a French Boar Hair shaving brush, shaving soap, and TLC so I don't scar up the mug. A hot shave every day - that's they way to go...he he he , The DW loves my baby soft face.....

    Now, Back to GUNS and stuff!
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    well, i use a disposable. but its a little different since im shaving my legs, not my face.
    my fiance uses an electric 3 head swivel one that works very well for him.

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    Electric Norelco.

    shaved my mustache for only the second time EVER back in 2000 after (nearly) 30 consecutive years and has kept a clean lip ever since.

    I have a shadow within a few hours of shaving.
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    I've shaved my mustache 2 times in the past 35 years. Both times everyone that knew me started calling me Hoss as in Hoss Cartwright from the Bonanza Western show. With it no ones ever notices. The last time I shaved it off was in to 1990 when my daughter was 4 years old. She giggled every time she saw me for a week until it started growing back.
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