This is pretty crazy

This is pretty crazy

This is a discussion on This is pretty crazy within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; How could tht child get her/his hand around it? How the heck could the child get that close to a loaded gun at that young ...

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Thread: This is pretty crazy

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    This is pretty crazy

    How could tht child get her/his hand around it? How the heck could the child get that close to a loaded gun at that young of an age anyways? WOW

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
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    I suspect that he was NOT shot by a baby, but the baby is handy to take the blame.

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    Did the almost 3 year old really shoot? Mmmmmmm...

    Why was there a gun on a table with a 3 y/o around?

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    At almost 3, yes, with many current handguns it is possible that the child was able to pick it up and pull the trigger.

    Probable, well that is a little harder to grasp. Waiting for the rest of the story. Curious to find out who else was at the place and what part of the head the guy was shot in.

    Oh, yea, and what kind of idiot would leave a loaded and apparently ready to fire gun on a table for a child to get a hold on.
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    What is a 35 mo. old infant doing in a recording studio at 8:30P anyway?
    That man would still be alive, maybe, if he the paretn(s) of that child had half a wit and were at home with it in bed sleep like a child of that age should be.

    As well the mentality that Curtis Collins had was not positive nor to his own best interest in that he had no problem nor alarm with a firearm just laying out on a table in pain view to others and himself.
    Further what kind of professional establishment was this anyway in that a firearm was in the facility and placed on a table and left on the table with adult people other than Collins walking around as well and no one thought hey this isn't normal/right.

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    Just another case of baby violence!
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    Guns don't kill people, children kill people!! (Only when bozos who don't know squat about gun safety leave guns where a child can get hold of it)

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    Never underestimate the mind of a child; My 6-year old has already been trained and can field strip my Glock G34 in about 2 minutes. His only disadvantage is the fact that his hands are small, so he must brace the gun against a table with his weight against it to push the slide back so he can disengage it. He can also describe the steps necessary to safely check the Glock to see if it is loaded.

    Again, all this from a 6-year old.

    Next year he gets to fire the weapon..........
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    The news report did not give information as to the type of handgun, seems the recoil would have been significant, and it always amazes me, in the case of an 'accidental' homicide, there is only one shot fired and it is always in a vital area of the victim.

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    The whole thing seems a little fishy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obxned View Post
    The whole thing seems a little fishy.

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