Paintball and P.K.s

Paintball and P.K.s

This is a discussion on Paintball and P.K.s within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Inspired by the thread on BB guns and what we USED to do... I thought of this incident from years gone by. About 12 years ...

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Thread: Paintball and P.K.s

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    Paintball and P.K.s

    Inspired by the thread on BB guns and what we USED to do...
    I thought of this incident from years gone by.

    About 12 years ago, my 3 sons got paintball guns for Christmas.
    Since it said they were to only be used with adult supervision, I had to have one, too.

    Since we lived on church property, that became the weekend place to play. The 4 acres included some trees and lots of good hallways and hiding places around buildings, even on top of the sanctuary for sniper positions. (Shh, don't tell the Trustees.)

    One Friday night, I decided not to play, but to instead watch a movie with my wife. We were in the family room, sleeper sofa pulled out, a dozen or so teens outside, and one with us watching the movie, when my 12 year old (No. 3) came busting in.

    "Dad, the cops are outside and want to see you," he said breathlessly and with great passion.

    No big deal, they had been there before, I thought.

    I went outside to find a SWAT officer out there, along with a couple more LEOs. 'SWAT' was madder than a wet hornet. He was ripping into the boys, including and especially my 17 year old (No. 1 aka Agentmel).

    I later found out why.

    After he got done scolding them, he told me they needed to be inside because they were disturbing the neighbors. (Well, they weren't. There was just one crotchety old guy who complained about the noise of the paintball guns every time they played.) 'Someone' had called the cops about seeing people with guns.

    I had all the boys gather up their stuff and head to their respective homes. My 3 came inside.

    No. 2 son then told me what happened.

    No. 1 son had seen the first officer (SWAT guy) arrive. #1 had walked his direction (dressed in all black, with paintball gun).

    When he got close #1 said, "Hi, buddy, how's it going?"

    SWAT: "I'm not your buddy. Drop the weapon."
    He then had no. 1 call the others over.

    SWAT: "What are you doing out here?"

    No. 1: "It's okay. We have permission."

    SWAT: "Permission from who?"

    No. 1: "The preacher here gave us permission."

    SWAT: "Where is the preacher?"

    No. 1: "He's in bed with my mother."

    Well, SWAT eventually figured out that I was also No. 1's dad, and boy, was he ticked off that No. 1 was being such a Smart a$$!
    (I never have been able to figure out where he got that from. His mother thinks she has an idea.)

    That's when he sent No. 3 son after me, ripping my 17 year old a new one the whole time.

    We have enjoyed that story on many occasions.

    Some day I'll tell you about the 'bomb scare' that wasn't.
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