I'm sick

I'm sick

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Thread: I'm sick

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    I'm sick

    I'm taking a sick day today because I woke up this morning feeling like I may have the flu. But, I got a flu shot so what the heck? A different strain?

    In any event, I feel like crap and I don't think that Morg and Cunsmurf and the other guys I work with would appreciate me coming in and making them sick too.

    I might be on here from time to time today between naps and generally feeling cruddy.

    Looks like it is going to be a fun day.
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    Hey....feel better Mike.
    Drink some strong green tea with honey. Amazing stuff.
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    Flu shots are typically based on last year's dominant strain and a guess at other strains that may be present. Since the flu changes each year it gives your anti-bodies a leg up, but not necessarily total victory over flu viruses you may encounter.

    Eat, drink and rest are your best weapons once you get the flu. Some products have been shown to reduce the time of suffering by a day or so, or reduce the suffering. So you may check into those. Most have to be taken as soon as symptoms are present.

    Get well soon.
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    Our accountant at work had a pretty bad case of the crud this past weekend (she missed the office Christmas doings at Ruth's Cris so she had to be really sick.) She called it the "upstairs/downstairs" strain of the flu. She said that she was in the bed feeling really bad and her oldest, 17 yo male child, came in to tell her that he just had a really bad case of the 'downstairs'. She told him that if it was the same stuff that she had he was about to have an 'upstairs' episode..."just try to make it to the bathroom before you hurl." You probably already guessed that he 'let fly' right beside her bed.

    Mike, please just breathe on your side of town and preferably down wind. My guess is that you probably won't be at the all women class this weekend? My wife and 2 of her nurse buddies are taking the class. She really doesn't need to bring anything home from that class except a cert and a short waiting period, no flu.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. Stay warm, drink lots of liquids and stay away from the rest of the family so they don't catch it.
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    Sometimes just getting the shot is enough to give you a mild flu.

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    It's going around Mike, and it's not fun! Rest, plenty of liquids (no Bud), watch soap operas. That should make you want to get well!
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    Dang, hope you feel better.

    Just to show you where my mind is at, I expected to read this thread and find out about some twisted/sick/funny prank that was played.

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    Flu has a fever of 100 or higher, body aches and pains and fatigue with occasional cough. Fever usually last 3-5 days cough, fatigue and aches and pains usually last 2-3weeks.

    If you have no or low grade fever, cough, runny nose, and aches and pains, then you have a cold.
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    A healthy dose of "Black Jack"(Lynchburgh tea) with a dollup of honey in it helps about as much as anything I know.

    Repeat as often as needed to bring about a state of euphoria.

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    My remedy is a hot shower, some Jim Beam (7 year) and go to bed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy W. View Post
    My remedy is a hot shower, some Jim Beam (7 year) and go to bed.
    +1, but I substitute Nyquil for the Mr. Beam.

    Wishing you a quick and speedy recovery..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Hulk View Post
    +1, but I substitute Nyquil for the Mr. Beam.

    Wishing you a quick and speedy recovery..
    They're practically the same thing. One is just green!

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