Pit Bulls banned in Denver - gun owner parallels

This is a discussion on Pit Bulls banned in Denver - gun owner parallels within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; LINK TO STORY Denver has had a ban on pit bulls since 1989, but they really started enforcing it on May 9, sending animal control ...

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Thread: Pit Bulls banned in Denver - gun owner parallels

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    Pit Bulls banned in Denver - gun owner parallels


    Denver has had a ban on pit bulls since 1989, but they really started enforcing it on May 9, sending animal control officers into people's yards to confiscate the dogs.

    "I just can't believe this is the best thing they could think of for dealing with dangerous dogs," Dias said. "The symptom keeps changing. Do they really think the drug dealers won't just find another dog rottweilers or Labrador retrievers?"....

    Dias and other opponents also object to the way the ban is being implemented, because it has targeted dog owners who have registered their dogs, as opposed to criminals who have not. That may be one reason why, they say, the city has only taken a few hundred out of the estimated 4,500 Denver pit bulls into custody.

    "I am so angry with the way animal control is handling this," said Rita Anderson, a Boulder resident who has become involved in a kind of covert project to get pit bulls out of Denver to safety. "The first people who were targeted were the law-abiding people who registered their dogs. I think it is disgusting and appalling that those are the first people who were targeted. You need to get the drug dealers, the backyard dog fighters."
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    My daughter and I had a discussion about this exact thing, the other night. The parallels are, indeed, sobering. And just like the AWB, they aren't targeting the behavior. They are targeting all dogs that LOOK like pit bulls. So, it isn't a breed-specific ban, but whatever the observer decides looks mean and scary.
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    The government and the people who elected them.


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    The parallel is scary! Once again - law abiding folk are hit hardest.

    I confess, I have zero liking for any of the ''aggression'' category dogs, much tho depends on their training and upbringing as to how much they are likely to have errant behaviors. Despite the owners who claim ''he/she is so loving'' - I find an intimidation factor from Pits, Rotties, Dobermans and even Shepherds at times.

    In worst cases, owners have to be as responsible as we do as gun owners/carriers with a loaded weapon. Trouble is, the drugmaesters in their hoods have little regard for others, whether they have their dog and/or their gun - they only seek to maintain a dominance, by any means. I doubt the ban will impact them much at all.
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