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Heavy trigger pull during slumber

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Thread: Heavy trigger pull during slumber

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    Once in a great while I have one of those weird dreams. I'm usually taking out more bad guys than Rambo could though. Got to figure out the pizza, beer combo that gives me them.
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    You have been listening to the Glock and 1911 folks telling you that unless you have one of those you are wasting you time carrying. You say that you carry either a Taurus or SA and are subconsciously believing that your weapon in inferior and you are using the wrong gun.

    Fire 500 rounds through each and if you don't have problems with either then you should convince yourself in the reliability of them. If you have a problem with either one trade them in on a Glock and a 1911.

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    Might just be stress

    Okay, not a shrink, but my take is that this isn't necessarily gun related. I think it is maybe just a stress indicator.

    Why? Because I have similar dreams, but spread out across a few different activities. Like, I am in the car, and it is slowly rolling forward (like in a parking lot) towards a possible fender bender. No earth-shattering collision, just a fender bender. But I can't turn the wheel hard enough or press the brake hard enough to have an effect.

    I personally think the only metaphor involved in dreams like this is one of control. Your life may be a bit stressed and you are (subconsciously at least) feeling a little out of control of things. Well, your dreams are your brain's way of trying to work through your waking problems. You are a gun guy, so you get gun-related stress dreams.

    I could be completely wrong, of course, and this could be a deep moral crisis you are having. But if you really don't have the feeling that there is a big issue lurking under the surface, this is my guess.

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    I've had dreams where I had the jump on the BG and just at the wrong time the barrel or something falls off the gun disabling it. Like most everyone I've had dreams about falling too. However I haven't had either dream like that in a long time. As far as I know I didn't do anything to get rid of them, both of them just went away. Now that I've written this, tonight I'll probably have a dream about falling WITH a broken gun.

    Don't worry about the dream I doubt if it means anything.
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    I actually had this same dream last night. I'm with you. haha I think Randy's first post was really good, too. It makes a lot of sense. But then again, the subconcious is a strange thing.

    Last night I couldn't get the trigger to pull. At all. I ended up beating the person with my USP. haha
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    I'd say that sort of feeling in a dream isn't all the uncommon. I've had dreams before where I would be trying to run away from someone/something but for some reason I just could not run very fast. I would struggle to put one leg in front of the other but it feel like I was trying to walk/run underwater.

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