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Annual Christmas cold....recommended remedies?

This is a discussion on Annual Christmas cold....recommended remedies? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; jalapeño's are very good to fight off a cold. I used to get the flu every year ( I hate shots) until I started eating ...

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Thread: Annual Christmas cold....recommended remedies?

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    jalapeño's are very good to fight off a cold.

    I used to get the flu every year ( I hate shots) until I started eating them.

    Jalapeño peppers are a good source of vitamin C, folate and vitamin A.

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    The biggest tip I have for you: Drink as much water as you can stand. It really does help flush your system out. Drink at least a gallon a day.
    Long hot showers help clear out the sinuses. If you like spicy foods (I sure do), while you're sick is a great time to enjoy them.

    Zicam and Airborne seem to both be effective immune system boosters - I've used both and like Zicam better. However, these are most effective if you take them right at the start of a cold, so it might be a bit late now.

    Echinacea is an herbal immune system booster - one of the few that's actually been proven to work. Any supplement store (or even Trader Joes) carries it.

    Someone mentioned nyquil and/or sudafed. These are great to help you sleep, but I can't stand the groggy feeling during the day. It's good to have these on hand for nighttime though. Tylenol PM is just acetaminophen and benadryl, so that works fine too.

    Some people recommend high doses of vitamin C - 1000mg a day or so will certainly help with a cold but I disagree with those that say to take several thousand mg a day, your body can't process vitamin C that quickly, all it will do is turn your piss orange and stress your liver.

    I tend to get a lot of colds because my job has me going in and out of different offices all the time, I get exposed to a lot of junk. Hope you feel better soon.

    Pete Zaria.

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    Hot toddie! Whiskey, the REAL sugar peppermint sticks, (citrus) fruit juice, honey to taste.

    Seriously....that'll help ya rest......and that'll get you better quicker.

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    I've always used either lots of whiskey or lots of chutney. Both with lots of water.
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    Emergen-C, Hall's Defense and lots of warm liquids...get to feeling better so you can do the Santa thing.
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    I have a killer cold also, Mike. Maybe it's a Memphis thang. It makes me very weak. Last year I got it in early January.

    I have no remedies, but I have heard that pepper spray on a Q-tip will work a miracle that nothing else can match. My symptoms aren't like yours, or so severe, so I haven't tried it yet. But if I get desperate, I will!
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    Quote Originally Posted by randy7601 View Post
    I'm not a big fan of "natural" cures, but that Airborne stuff sure works good for me! One tablet in water three times a day and you'll feel better sooner than you think.
    I was just thinking of that stuff...designed by a teacher (constantly exposed to colds and sniffles). I have tried the stuff an several occasions and found it to be very effective.

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    Home Remedy

    There is a nasty cold going around up here in the midwest, it lasts a minimum of 5 weeks, I have it the onle thing that has brought me any relief is onion syrup... it was suggested to me by a coworker, I had never heard of it, he told me how to make it, I tried it and it worked great... I am a believer.

    Slice a medium to large onion in half, score the cut half. Cover the bottom of a cereal with sugar about 1/4", put onion, cut side down, in bowl and cover with plastic wrap, and let sit for 24 hours. Remove onion, with a spoon stir syrup, take two teaspoons of syrup as needed. Your breath will smell nice for a while after taking this, but it works!!

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

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    Drink plenty of fluids, Vitamin C, and get rest!

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    I constantly wash my hands as I'm constantly in and out of offices all day, in and out of very public places. I use the halls defense things regularly, I use airborne if I get a minute to breath, and I take that ester-c stuff..

    So far this season I have gotten a cold once, and it only lasted about a day, I only got it because of my gf.. she got it bad though.. like 4 days of misery. I try to eat healthy, I avoid the gym during peak hours, even though it's not very effective I use those little bottles of purell.. I don't drink after anyone, won't eat from anyone elses plate 'just to taste' what they are eating.. I'm pretty paranoid when it comes to germs.. I had mono once and it damn near killed me... so i have a reason to be paranoid :)

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    Take 1 shot of Wild Turkey 3 times a day for 2 days and call me in the morning.

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    Herbal tea for cold and fever.
    Take equal parts of Mugwort, Valarian, Mint, German Sage (garden sage).
    drink 2 cups a day till cold is gone. If you drink this when you first get Symptoms you usually don't get sick.

    This works great for those colds and flu's that seem to hang around a lot. While I was still working others would get sick and stay sick a long time. Those people who listened to me and drank my tea were usually well on the third or fourth day while everyone else were sick off and on for weeks.

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    Sudafed makes me horribly groggy, so I take Actifed instead ... no grogginess. One Actifed and two aspirin every 12 hours works perfectly for me to get rid of the symptoms.

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    My grandmother use to "fry" peppermints in Jack Daniels and it worked GREAT. Still do it anytime I have a cold!

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    That's a lot of home remedies you all have posted. So far, the herbal tea is the one I have really gone with and it does seem to be helping.

    I am also using some Thera-flu and it does work. I think I am starting to get better. I slept about 13 hours lastnight/this morning and I feel better today but still a bit weak and shaky. I want to work out but I think I am still too weak and I don't want to over do it too much.
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