Christmas came early!

Christmas came early!

This is a discussion on Christmas came early! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Well, I have to work tomorrow (Christmas day) 9-7. My wife's a musician, so she doesn't get up until noon. We were going to exchange ...

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Thread: Christmas came early!

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    Christmas came early!

    Well, I have to work tomorrow (Christmas day) 9-7. My wife's a musician, so she doesn't get up until noon. We were going to exchange gifts tomorrow night. But then, she decided to take pity on a friend of hers, who has no family, and no girlfriend, who was feeling down about Christmas. She invited him to Christmas dinner with us. Now, I don't have a problem with that, in fact, it seems like a good idea to me. But, that meant we had to change the gift exchange once again. So, we decided to do it tonight instead. And what a great wife. In addition to the Parrot Head T shirts and related gear, There were 3 nice hobby related gifts- a nice wooden storage box, to store all of the cleaning supplies, etc, a locking gun cabinet that we'll have mounted to the wall by a contractor _no, it's nowhere near as secure as a gun safe, but it's a step up from what I have now, which is nothing), and to top it off, an ultrasonic hand gun cleaner. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. So, she came up with some nice gifts. In the past, she's gone half in for my birthday 2 years ago on my Beretta 92FS (my first handgun in 25 years), and last year she went in half for my birthday on my AR 15. Now, if I could only get her to carry! As a musician, she's out late, sometimes in places that aren't that safe- last week, some customers were robbed and beaten up outside a bar that she plays at. I've given her pepper spray, and a deluxe stun gun, but you just half to get too close for the stun gun, and pepper spray has it's own set of problems. So, in addition to a lot of the music related gifts, I gave her a Taser C2. So, maybe eventually I can get her to carry a hand gun. But at least the taser is better than what she has, until I can get her carrying.

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    Sounds like you made out very well. With the type of job your wife has I do hope she will take your advice and carry the taser. Then who knows maybe eventually even carry a pistol.
    We will be much better off when we learn to deal with things as they really are, instead of how we wish them to be!

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