I Quit!!!

I Quit!!!

This is a discussion on I Quit!!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Won't matter much to most, but I'm officially declaring my resignation from Advanced Technology, Inc. While I still firmly believe in the product, my Law ...

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Thread: I Quit!!!

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    I Quit!!!

    Won't matter much to most, but I'm officially declaring my resignation from Advanced Technology, Inc.

    While I still firmly believe in the product, my Law Enforcement/Military sales program wasn't supported in the manner that a budding effort needs to be, so I've moved on.

    I want everyone to know that this changes nothing about the way I feel about the gunstocks made by this company. There are lots of competitors, each with their gimmicks, but none offer the quality, affordability OR the lifetime guarantee that ATI provides. They set the standard for customer service excellence and product knowledge, and it has been my privilege to work with the crew there.

    Anyone who wants to upgrade or 'tacticool' their shotgun, AK, AR15 or Mini14, anyone who has an older military grade rifle that needs a new stock, anyone who is looking for ergonomic alternatives to conventional stocks...you can't do better than ATI stuff.

    Tapco tries, but doesn't do shotgun stuff. MesaTactical has superior products, but milled aluminum is prohibitively expensive for most departments to consider. Speedfeeds stocks are great, but they don't offer a collapsible or folding stock. Don't get me started on Knoxx...the 'recoil reduction system' is an expensive gimmick (which is why they offer their stock without the springs inside it, too...they're playing catch up), and the stock adds HUGE risk factors related to doublefeeds at bad times. Finally, Hogue and Choate are just ugly.

    All this is to say that, while I left this company for reasons directly related to my role as Law Enforcement sales mgr, I will always encourage any department to look at ATI's stuff before budgeting for one of the other guys. They're just better (sorry, other guys...it is true). While I quit working for Mike Davis, my support for his products continues, and my 870 will always have an ATI stock on it.

    Thanks for letting me rant. Bright horizons ahead...details as events warrant.
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    Well good luck to you, Scot, I hope it all works out. I've worked for several companies in the past that I continue to believe makes far superior products to the others.
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    Good luck moving on.

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    Good luck with that. It's always sad to hear when it comes to leaving for a difference of opinion.
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    Good for you - sounds like you did what you thought was the right thing. Probably it wasn't the easiest way to go.


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