How to take a bullet.

How to take a bullet.

This is a discussion on How to take a bullet. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I went shopping with Mrs. Miggy at our local BJ Wholsale store and I found again a book I saw about three weeks ago. The ...

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Thread: How to take a bullet.

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    How to take a bullet.

    I went shopping with Mrs. Miggy at our local BJ Wholsale store and I found again a book I saw about three weeks ago.
    The book is The Complete Worse Case Scenario Survival Handbook and the first time I opened it, I landed on a chapter titled "How to Take a Bullet"
    Now, I did not read anything else from the book but I have to admit it rubbed me the wrong way. IMHO it seems to convey the message that getting shot is OK and almost painless. Again it is just my opinion and I might be wrong.
    I had my camera so I took pictures of the book and "offending" chapter.
    The pics are big on purpose so you can read them. Here are the links

    Book Cover
    Page 213
    Page 214
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    Having been shot Ill say the book is all wrong . My advise is to run randomly screaming like the little girl who won the prom queen . It may distract them and make them miss . Being shot hurts , Dont do it . Having been shot i am now more than glad to shoot you if you look like your going to try and shoot me again . But hey i am glad such experts are out there making money with wisdom such as this book lol .
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    One of the officers I ride with told me that in the event of gun fire from an unknown direction, I will have to keep up with his dust as I will see how fast he can do a single flying leap over a car for cover. So if i've got to take one, i hope it would be in my hind end.

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    I think that is for IF you have no other options and you are getting ready to take bullet. Still not going to do much, cause if you are stuck your stuck and you will likely take many more than just one.

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    I do believe those books are in the entertainment/comedy section and not in the non-fiction section between DSM-V and Anatomy Sales Rank: #13,457 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
    Popular in this category: (What's this?)

    #9 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Self-Help & Psychology

    Description: Boasting more than 500 pages, this sturdy addition to the Worst-Case Scenario library could stop a bullet just one more way to be prepared for the worst.

    About the Author
    Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht, authors of The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook series, live life on the edge in the wilds of Philadelphia.

    here is the link:
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    Sit down and face the shooter? Why would you just sit there and get shot? Fight to the death!


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    Quote Originally Posted by aus71383 View Post
    Sit down and face the shooter? Why would you just sit there and get shot? Fight to the death!
    ...preferably the BG's...
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    I'm thinking the only time I am going to sit is: waiting behind cover to blast the BG's core in 2 mush.

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    I have read most of that book and the subsequent one. Some of their scenarios are very funny.
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    Just based on the cover of the book, showing someone hammerfisting an alligator's snout, this has to be for comic relief!
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    Don't you follow the Rambo example and push the bullet out and then seal the wound with a smoldering stick?

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    Interesting, set on your butt, pull your knees up, arms to the insides of the legs and cover your face.....going to be VERY difficult to return fire in that position!! Of course maybe they figure the load you will leave in your pants will help protect you.
    Sounds like this book was written for sheeply not someone who has any sense.

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    That was a refreshing chuckle.
    Thanks for posting it Miggy.
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    I think they forgot to add.

    While sitting on ground. Start rocking back and forth, and all start talking to your invisible friend. Then the shooter will feel bad for you and get you help.
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    I dunno, the sitting back trick makes it much easier to move your head foreward, and kiss yor a$% good bye!

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