I was not sure where to post this. I figured this would be the best spot.

This is for the Indiana folk who know of the area.

I was going to stay in for new years but the g/f was invited to a friends place. we were in the area of I-70 and Emerson AVE. It was just a small party nothing wild. This was the first time that I had been to this house and later found out that the area is not the best area by a friend of mine.

We played cards and the girls were drinking. I was not along with a buddy.

Well just before midnight I start to hear gun shots, and after midnight even more rang out. I am talking like more shots that I have ever heard at any range and it was more than the night shoot that I heard from the state police post.

I am glad that we were indoors.

On a side note we almost went to the bar that hosted the first murder of the year.

Story below. I guess it is a bar that the girls used to go to and talked about taking us there. Glad we stayed in.

One dead, four injured in bar shooting

Posted: Jan 1, 2008 09:26 AM EST

Updated: Jan 1, 2008 06:27 PM EST

First homicide of 2008

Ronnie Croom Jr., 30, is the first Indianapolis homicide victim of 2008.

Steve Jefferson/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Metro police say a gunman opened fire early Tuesday morning outside a pub filled with New Year's revelers, killing a security guard and wounding four other people. It happened at an east side bar on North Franklin Street as security guards broke up an argument.

Ronnie Croom Jr., 30, is the first Indianapolis homicide victim of 2008. Croom worked security for Durty Nelly's Bar at North Franklin Road and Shibler Drive.

But as party goers rang in the new year, a fight broke out.

"As the security guys were trying to get the people involved in the disturbance outside, when they suddenly went outside someone started firing shots into a crowd," said Lt. Jeff Duhamell, IMPD.

Bar managers rented out part of the facility for a New Year's celebration. Inside, a Christmas tree and other dcor surround pool tables. Outside, the Durty Nelly's sign reads "be safe." The party ended up anything but.

"We are lucky that there was not more than five. Anytime you shoot into a crowd you can have multiple injuries, which we did," said Lt. Duhamell.

Police found three people shot, including Croom. Then they got word about two more victims.

"Two other individuals had been dropped off at Wishard Hospital also shot at the same bar," said Lt. Duhamell.

Croom suffered a fatal gunshot wound in the head while standing near the front door of Durty Nelly's. Gunfire also hit the neighboring business, "All Breed Pet Grooming."

The front door of the pet grooming business is a few yards away. They were closed at the time. Gunfire shattered the front door glass, leaving a holiday decoration blowing in the wind.

The shooting may be caught on tape.

"We may have some additional video that was inside. We are waiting to process that," said Lt. Duhamell.

Homicide detectives want to talk to people who were at Durty Nelly's during the shooting. They also hope to learn more from videotape.