My brother wants a gun

My brother wants a gun

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Thread: My brother wants a gun

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    My brother wants a gun

    All right let me 'splain a little bit. I'm in an odd mood. This isn't exactly a serious situation but I'm just curious what you guys think.

    My brother, lest you not understand the situation fully, is 18 years old albeit barely. He has moved out of the house however. He is going to school for at least a year and a half to become a mechanic. After he's done, he will get a real (good) job somewhere and move off. Knowing my brother like I know my brother, he'll sign the first thing that looks good. That's just how he is. He acts on gut impulse when making decisions like that. The point I'm trying to make is that he's not a kid any more in the sense that he'll never live with his parents again.

    Anyway, his roomate is another 18 year old kid (I love how I, a 24 year old, call an 18 year old a kid) and this guy is a hoot. I get along with him real well because he is a true gun nut. This kid has a SAR-1, a Mauser, a Taurus model 85, and an old (Interarms not Taurus) Rossi chambered in .357 and he's only 18. He has bought all of these things on his own; his parents did not give them to him.

    Anyway my brother is the kind of guy who typically has "a" gun. He's a "Yeah I have a gun" type because only a ***** wouldn't have a gun. And he does have one gun, a Marlin 60. He's Joe Sixpack the gun owner.

    He wants something better and has expressed to me a desire for such. I think part of this is that he's getting to play with his room mate's toys, and he has articulated he feels like he has no means of self defense beyond the fact he could probably punch most guy's lights out.

    And the thing is, I empathize. I remember feeling weird for months on end because I had only two guns at home. I realized at last how dependent I was on borrowing a gun from someone else and it was a very helpless feeling when I could not do that any more.

    I'm thinking about "loaning" him one of my SKSes. The SKS is not exactly an expensive gun to replace, the ammunition is pretty cheap, and my brother is not the type of person you'd want shooting a 1911 or BHP or even an AR15 because he is rough on stuff. The boy could tear up a brass billy goat.

    I say "loan" because in actuality if I do this, I won't ever want it back. I can't give someone a gun and then take it away from them. I'll let him keep it for a graduation present.

    It's not that I don't trust him not to shoot himself or do some fool thing like that. He's not stupid, he just has the misfortune of being a blue collar man in a family that consists of an electrical engineer, a dietician, a mathematician, and a nurse. I'm just wondering if I should give a rifle to a person whose interest in it may be passing, or if big brother should come in and solve this problem for him without him having to work it out for himself like I did.

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    My advice, as a big brother who's little brothers (16, 15, 13) have all caught the "gun-bug," is to let him buy one on his own. If it's not just a passing fancy and he's really serious, he'll find a way to get one.

    I'm not saying that you shouldn't "loan" him one (it's cool that you're willing to do that) just that I'd wait until I knew he was serious and that it wasn't just the "idea of the week."
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    I agree with kenpotex. The "loan" is cool, but let him work out ownership on his own. If he invests his money in it he will appreciate it more. If it is a passing fancy that is inspired by his roomie then you haven't seen him pawn or sell a rather expensive gift or nice firearm. I would think that the "loan" could end after he has acquired a few firearms of his own or at whatever point you have selected.


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    I think your decision to "loan" him your rifle is separate from his addressing his firearm needs. He is going to have to go through the same steps as any of us to determine what his needs are, and how best to accomplish them. Speaking as a big brother, I think your role, at this point, is as guide and advisor. Whether or not you choose to be a source of firearms is separate.

    OK, he is interested in guns, for the moment. Help him just as you would help any friend expressing an interest in firearms. Help him determine what is driving his desire for more guns. Assuming he wants defensive firearms, he must determine what will address his needs. If you have the types of guns he wants, then you can let him try yours out for size, but make him responsible from the very beginning for his own stuff. If you are worried that it is a passing fad, then don't loan him anything - you will just lose one of your guns and he won't gain or value it the way you would. If you think he is serious but rough on stuff, then help steer him towards tough, workhorse stuff that will give him good value for his money. An 870 that will last forever, etc. Help him to see quality over flash.

    If he's looking to you, then lead, but don't do it for him.
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    I too think he should do this for himself.

    It is laudable and very brotherly to consider a loan as you have mentioned but - if also as you suggest he is a tad impetuous then it is maybe time for him to have to think thru what he may want and get - with obviously limited funds.

    If he errs in his decision well, it will have been a useful learning experience but even more - his self-aquisition will make whatever he gets more precious and probably better cared for. Most things that have been bought thru some deliberation, saving etc - count for more.
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    You know what, you guys made me remember something. We actually had a conversation where I told him about what he could consider for not a lot of money. I planted the bug so to speak and his room mate is a natural born gun scavenger. They also live about 10 blocks from a pretty good sized gun store with very reasonable prices and a large selection of used guns.

    He's a little strapped right now, so it's understandable he hasn't acted yet. Let's see if he's still so interested a couple months after he gets a little money coming in.

    I think the consensus here is right. Let him figure it out for himself a little bit. It's not like he doesn't have encouragement.

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