Do you trust the media ?

Do you trust the media ?

This is a discussion on Do you trust the media ? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; The media seems more biased against firearm ownership but the media seem to carry a lot of influence in the election, also in convincing that, ...

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Thread: Do you trust the media ?

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    Post Do you trust the media ?

    The media seems more biased against firearm ownership
    but the media seem to carry a lot of influence in the election, also in
    convincing that, "guns are bad"

    do you trust the media version of events or would you rather get your news from Youtube users ?

    Media Bias Basics
    When asked “How often do journalists’ opinions influence coverage?” a solid majority of the editors (57 percent) conceded it “sometimes” happens while another 14 percent said opinions “often” influence news coverage. In contrast, only one percent claim it “never” happens, and 26 percent say personal views “seldom” influence coverage.
    TV and Newspaper Journalists

    In March and April 2005, the University of Connecticut’s Department of Public Policy surveyed 300 journalists nationwide — 120 who worked in the television industry and 180 who worked at newspapers and asked for whom they voted in the 2004 presidential election. In a report released May 16, 2005, the researchers disclosed that the journalists they surveyed selected Democratic challenger John Kerry over incumbent Republican President George W. Bush by a wide margin, 52 percent to 19 percent (with 1 percent choosing far-left independent candidate Ralph Nader). One out of five journalists (21 percent) refused to disclose their vote, while another six percent either didn’t vote or said they did not know for whom they voted.
    More read

    List of journalists taking sides - Politics -

    Journalists give campaign cash - Politics -


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    No trust. I 'try' to get all the info I can and 'form' my own thoughts on it.

    You never get all the info (about whatever) and it (the info presented) is sometimes so obviously skewed there's no real way to base an opinion......and most people won't look any deeper into a subject than what's placed in front of them. The 'left' pen wields a LOT of power.

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    I stopped trusting them long ago. It is not that they make mistakes but that they rather die than correct themselves. Political hacks.
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    Trust the media?....... No.

    Trust Youtube?........ Ummmm.... NO.
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    I work in the media. Television to be exact and I can tell you right now that in no uncertain terms, YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST THE MEDIA EVER! When it comes to stories about gun owners and legal gun usage, do not believe anything you see in the main stream medai except what John Stossel reports. He seems to be the one and only unbiased reporter in the main stream media.

    Even on the local levels a lot of the time, the fix is in as far as casting legal gun owners in a bad light. I don't understand it, and I call them on it every chance I get. I and several other people who I work with at our station who have our carry permits or who just own guns try to keep them honest but it seems like they graduate school with a journalistic degree and an implanted bias against guns and gun owners.

    The main stream media is not our friend.
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    I trust the media to give me the most interesting and controversial report imaginable, reguardless of truth or facts

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    I'm with SIXTO on this one. Don't trust either. Both media and UTube users edit their coverage to put a point across. Sure, there are some accurate reports out there, the problem is guessing which ones they are.
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    I honestly believe that on most (if not all) stories "we the people" are never going to know the truth or at least enough of it to form a valid opinion.

    If I really want to dig into something I use the internet search engines. It takes a lot of time, there is a LOT of garbage to weed through and even then I'm not always convinced that I have enough truth to base an opinion on.

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    It all started as stopped being that a long time ago....and I never did "trust" any of the media......

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    Everyone, the media included, has ulterior motives.

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    do you trust the media version of events or would you rather get your news from Youtube users ?
    I'm enlightened enough to know those aren't the only two available options. Thankfully, the internet has indeed provided thousands more people the ability to disseminate information, though at the expense of the increased risk to quality and increased responsiblity to think. A good exchange, all in all.
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    I am absolutely convinced that the media has their own biased agenda and will always twist the facts to fit their warped sence of gaining ratings for their station or paper. Tell the people what we want them to believe and forget the facts. Journalism is a synonym for mendacity.
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    In my younger days, I used to believe every word because I always felt they had my best interest at heart. Now I read/watch constantly asking myself, "How do they know that"? For example, I recall reading an article about some new "controversial" weapons system. Somewhere in the article, there will be a statement like, "and the military doesn't even want this system." Now when I read this I ask myself how they came up with that statement.

    It boils down to that they are not reporting the news, they are expressing their opinion and they don't think that is wrong because they have an agenda.

    I guess what bugs me the most is they think of themselves as the purveyor of all truth.
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    I don't trust the media. I don't even expose myself to it/them. Why bother? I need/want nothing they offer - but they benefit if I even glance at a TV screen. The radio is bad enough! Forget about TV.


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    Ya know I spent a lot of years cut off from all the mainstream media while sailing about. Once in a blue moon I'd pick up a newspaper to read. My wife would ask "How's the world?", I'd reply"Still in a pile of trouble". We pretty much gave up on all media and never paid much attention since.
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