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Powerful Story

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    Powerful Story

    I saw this on another gun site and had to share this with you guys.

    I work for the phone company. Today i was working in Guilford, CT, on Leete's Island Rd, and the customer whose phone i was repairing was named Leete. A couple hundred yards away, next to the road is the grave of Simeon Leete, who died in 1781 fighting the British who came ashore a quarter of a mile or so away. That story is briefly described here: Cyndy : photos : Guilford : The top part can be read.....just enlarge photo..... -- There was a large skirmish between the Guilford troops and the British on June 18,1781 when 150 British soldiers landed on Leete's island.. (none of the names are for
    I have looked at and read the gravestone several times before when i was working in the area, and am interested in US history, so when i was working on the repair i asked the man of the house what he knew about his relative Simeon.
    He told me that his relatives had lived there, originally in a house several hundred yards away since the 1600's. They had farmland all around the house where i was today. In 1781 150 British troops came ashore, coming across from Long Island. They started burning some of the farmhouses of the family. The Leete family sent word to the town center, around 2 1/2 miles away, and then went down and defended their property.
    During the time it took for the town militia of around 100 to arrive, the Leete family fought the British troops. When they arrived, they were able to drive the British back and they left. Unfortunately, Simeon was shot. He died the next day. Mr. Leete told me today that he was hiding behind a rock reloading when it happened, and told me where the rock is, and that it has a plaque now.
    I went down to where he had told me the rock was, and looked for it. It is an area with summer cottages now, and i was the only one down there, it being winter. As i searched around for the rock, i became quite emotional, and nearly teared up when i found what i think was that rock. I was thinking about what these brave men did, and how i was standing at a spot where a man took a mortal wound defending his family property, and defending what has now become our country.
    I was thinking about what our country has become, and i felt like we owe it to these men to not lose what they fought for. I was thinking about what a family, armed likely with hunting rifles can do if they have the courage of their convictions.
    Mr. Leete told me that the nra had done a story on Simeon at some point, with their focus being that armed citizens can make a difference. I told him about the supreme court's upcoming decision this spring, which he was not aware of. He asked me if i had guns, and i said yes, and he showed me an old 12 guage from the mid 1800's I believe, intricately engraved, and well oiled and cared for by him.
    I just wanted to share this , and felt this might be a good place to do it.
    Don't forget our history.
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    Thanks for posting this, it really shows what we're fighting for.

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    Good story, thanks for posting your experience.

    In a related matter years ago, when I was a teenager, I saw an editorial cartoon that affected me. It was a drawing of a rather angry-looking Revolutionary War soldier with musket in hand. The caption at the bottom said, "You didn't vote ? What if I hadn't fought?"

    So, I've been a steady voter all my life
    Helpful hints on pushing back and strengthening the 2A:

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    What a very moving story. You need to write it up and send it to a magazine supporting gun rights.

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    Sorry guys, this isn't my story. I just copied the story from another gun site to share with you all.
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    Great story, thanks for sharing.

    It's not what you go thru in life, but how well you go thru it.

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