Travelers BEWARE! Hotel health hazard!

Travelers BEWARE! Hotel health hazard!

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Thread: Travelers BEWARE! Hotel health hazard!

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    Travelers BEWARE! Hotel health hazard!

    This is just Gross! You have been warned! Bring your own cups!

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    wow.....I don't stay at the higher endhotels too often but when I do I expect better. Most of the joints I stay at have the cute 'dixie' cups wrapped in plastic.

    That was just funkey.

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    Thanks for posting that (I think! ). They focused on the hotel glasses, I would presume that the coffee cups could be as bad. BTW some rooms have little coffee pots, after a guest makes coffee, who/how are the grounds removed and washed the bathroom sink? What about the bedspreads? Do they change those between guests?

    For some reason when I walk by, I tend to look at those room carts that housekeeping uses to clean the rooms. I don't recall seeing a place for dirty glasses or clean replacement glasses on those carts. I've never seen clean/dirty coffee pots. I'll be looking closer next time and asking the staff.

    In fairness I have stayed in rooms that had the glasses closed up in little clear plastic bags. But that could mean nothing !

    Where can I get one of those DEQ biohazard suits?
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    As someone who stays in hotel rooms around 200+ nights a year, here are my quick hygiene tips.

    Don't use the bed spread for anything other than a light blocker for the door. They get changed when they are worn, not between guests. Marriott and a few other hotels are going to a sheet covered quilt. This allows them to change the cover between guests.

    Don't drink or eat off anything you didn't clean. At a hotel with a kitchen I wash the dishes before I use them.

    Don't go bare foot anywhere. Flip flops (shower shoes) in the tub.

    Bring your own wipes to clean the toilet seat, sink table surface and door knobs. Any surface you intend to touch or have anything you own touch, clean it. I don't use hotel phones, but clean them if you do.

    Keep in mind you have to clean the surfaces every day.

    I keep my toothbrush and razor in a case to prevent them from being handled by the maid, touching any surfaces and getting any overspray from cleaners used. If there is a drawer in the vanity I will put the cases in there. Combs and brushes do not get placed on any room surfaces.

    Strip and remake the bed. Verify nothing else is in there with you. You can't spot bedbugs, but if you get a rash like area around your ankles and feet you probably got them. Not much publicity here, but they are in US hotels mostly the eastern US.

    Once you have returned to your room and cleaned the surfaces wash up. If you are grabbing food on the way to the room wash up before you eat because you touched nasty stuff on your way in.
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    Yea, I think I will stick with bringing my camper and staying in it as I have in the past, and leave the hotel rooms to other folks.

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    Did you see the link to the right of the video below the drinking glass link? It was about dirty hotel sheets. That's a more wide-spread problem than drinking glasses. Kinda makes you want to bring your own sleeping bag! God I don't miss extensive biz travel.......................
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    Quote Originally Posted by sniper58 View Post
    Kinda makes you want to bring your own sleeping bag!
    I was forced to stay in a hotel that was $20 a night a few times. I did in fact use a sleeping bag, a bivy sack, and my own pillow. That place was about as disgusting as it gets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sniper58 View Post
    Did you see the link to the right of the video below the drinking glass link? It was about dirty hotel sheets. That's a more wide-spread problem than drinking glasses. Kinda makes you want to bring your own sleeping bag! God I don't miss extensive biz travel.......................
    They make these now called Dreamsacks we actually sell them at my store just for this very reason. Even have one for the airplanes.

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    Ahhh the delights of the hospitality business! Here are some tips from somebody that works in a hotel.

    Beds: Bedsheets are 90% OK if you are in a good hotel. They get changed everyday but if you want to make sure, ask for the room to be serviced when you go outside. To make sure they changed them, grab a pen and make small mark in two opposite corners. Check if they are there when you get back. If you are cold, request blankets not bedspreads or quilts. Blankets get washed afterwards while bedspreads and quilts need to be sent to a dry cleaner .... and probably they don't do that often.
    Bedbugs: don't check the sheets, check behind the headboards & electrical outlets near the bed. Bedbugs hide there when no humans are present and they hate light.
    Surfaces: Take alcohol wipes with you and clean all surfaces including phones and the TV remote. A box of 100 for diabetics cost around $1.50 and it is cheap insurance from colds and other maladies.
    Flooring: Tile beats carpet. Tile needs to be cleaned every day, carpet you are lucky if they vacuum everyday. Wear flipflops.
    Glassware: If you are ordering room service, request the food to be brought in a To-Go box with plastic fork & knife. Also request your soft drinks in the bottle or can unopened and 4 Styrofoam cups. Or better yet, ask for the nearest supermarket and go buy your own food if possible. Why 4? You have extras for later. Put them in the safe when you leave so housekeeping does not throw them away.
    If you are not ordering room service, anyway ask for the Styrofoam cups.

    Hot Tubs: Stay the hell away from those things unless you can get proof positive they are drained & cleaned every day...which they are not. Stick to the pool or, if a natural body of water is available, use it.

    Make friends with the security staff or those who do not get tipped. They will usually send you to the real good places and on the cheap. You will get better info that way. Bells will kiss your... pancreas and tell you stories because they are in a fix with restaurant & other places. Always check with a Security Officer about the crime in the area but don't ask a Manager because the answer will be that you are safer than in the White House. Still do not drop your guard, crimes of opportunity will happen even in the quietest of places.
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    Miggy (and Scott) - I am glad I rarely now have to use hotel accomodation

    I have always had my doubts - thankfully never ''caught'' anything - that I am aware of!
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    at one stay,(wont name the hotel) found something incoffee pot where you
    add the water, i just say that since then i get my coffee elsewhere when i
    stay out of town. gross,gross,gross.
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    Meh, I'm in a hotel one or two nights a week, I figure what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. :) It's like exercise for your immune system! :D

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    Well, I travel about 2 weeks a month for 2 to 3 days each stay. I'm a Hlton Diamond VIP member. I just looked and had 29 stays for a total of 52 days. I will only stay at one of the Hilton brand of Motels/Hotels.

    I have always been happy with the service I have gotten from them, and I'm still alive, so I guess they're OK....
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