Butting in at Cabelas

This is a discussion on Butting in at Cabelas within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Rant ensues. I was at the Cabelas gun counter and a salesman was helping a gentleman pick a handgun for his wife. I overheard him ...

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Thread: Butting in at Cabelas

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    Butting in at Cabelas

    Rant ensues.

    I was at the Cabelas gun counter and a salesman was helping a gentleman pick a handgun for his wife. I overheard him mention it was for home protection, and she was very unfamiliar w/ guns. The salesman immediately goes to the small 380s and shows him a two tone Bursa and gives the buyer a rundown on how great this little gun was, showing how safe it was because it had a safety, and how easy it was to shoot. I finally had to speak up when he answered the question of 380 vs 9mm w/ "They both use the same size bullet and its only 2mm shorter so it almost just as powerful. I mentioned that's wrong a 380 is about 1/2 as powerful as a 9mm and that for a new shooter a revolver might be a better option, I also said it would be better if she picked it out. I got a nasty look and a major brushoff by the salesman and the buyer. I went back, further down the counter, and watched the man buy the gun. To me it was bought because it looked good and was as powerful as a 9mm. As we left I told my wife how upset I was over the misinformation and poor suggestion of weapon. My wifes response was buyer beware, and the salesman's job was to sell a gun, not educate in which gun to buy. I see both sides but as a self proclaimed gun-nut, I feel the salesman has a duty to suggest a better solution, or at least know enough about his product to get even the basic facts correct. There is more to know than just brand, caliber, and magazine capacity.

    Sorry, it pisses me off to be treated that way, and I hate to see it done to others. I know the buyer deserves much blame for not educating himself, but the sales staff needs to have some pride in their job. I know it's a big box store and he's getting a few bucks over minimum, but its not an excuse. I did it as an employee of Walmart, when I was in college. I tried to find out about our weapons, and helped many a customer the solution to their needs not just the first, cheapest, or most expensive thing we had on hand. I guess that pride in the workplace is dead in all parts of the big chain now.

    Sorry, I just needed to rant.
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    Sadly a lotta folks selling guns do not view the broad picture - plus if they are limited in experience will usually baulk at input - from a mere customer!!

    I wish more prospective buyers as noobs could enjoy the benefit of trying different platforms at a range and/or - come here and explore their possibilities!
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    I can understand why all parties would be annoyed.
    "Just blame Sixto"

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    Your on target

    Have to agree with you Ghuqu2 and have seen the same thing at our Cableas in Dundee. My favorite was when while waiting for my turn at the gun register I listened to a young fella talk with the sales rep about his desire to have a Desert Eagle 50AE as a carry gun. Yep the sales fella never blinked an eye as the kid talked about how that would knock someone down, one stop shot, ect ect. When the kid left the counter he as on his way to take a pistol class the next day. After the kid left I just looked at him and ask him why he did not discuss a bit about carry guns some of the pros and cons to what he stocked, He looked at me and said after a year of trying to talk sense people.

    I guess I would balance it against an outstanding shop in Adrian where all of the sales people are serious shooters. They will help with suggestions, ask question and guide you with options pros and cons for various guns and your application.

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    Sounds just like alot of 'parts counter folks' to me. They want to sell you what THEY think you should have, based on their discriminating factors instead of the 'big picture'. Extra consumer input is generally required to thwart the seller from forcing their own agenda in that respect. Alot of 'parts counter people' have no real knowledge or experience of what they are selling anyway. Besides--basic human instincts dis-allow taking others superior experiences or suggestions into account. (nobody knows more than me---they can't)--usually indicative of SDS.

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    I see it//run into it in my line of work all the time. (Automotive Service writer//tire guru) and it drives me up the wall!

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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    I almost did that at a pawn shop a while back. Looking at what they had and a young lady walked up and wanted to know what a good pistol was for carrying.

    The guy took out a .25 cal and told her this is a pretty powerful pistol for a lady. I almost walked over there but I didn't. After he left to wait on another customer I walked over to her and suggested a place to go and they would know a lot more and even gave her their card that I had. Can't even qualify for a CHL with that caliber.

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    Whenever I hear this type of conversation, I ask to speak to the manager. I remind them of the obligations they have to properly address the issues. As soon as personal biases or incorrect guidance gets involved, the store incurs a liability. From day one in my academy (many years ago) it was pounded in our heads that we were NOT ALLOWED to give legal advise, even if we knew the answer.

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    A conscience can really get in the way of generating revenue.

    You're a good man.
    "...bad decisions that turn out well often make heroes."

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    I think everyone has felt the way you do. I was at a dealer one time and the owner was telling a woman that the only pistol worth buying is a Glock, now I carry a Glock but know that they arn't for everyone. It really angers me to....I have a hard time not speaking up.
    God Bless America!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
    The guy took out a .25 cal and told her this is a pretty powerful pistol for a lady.

    A powerful pea shooter.
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    Can't even qualify for a CHL with that caliber
    Actually, you can there Arkie. There is no minimum caliber limit on what can qualify with or tote. Lots of people qualify and use .22's.

    While I don't recommend people doing that and try my best to steer them clear of it, it is still done.

    And,even the puny .25 beats throwing rocks.
    Well, little ones anyway...
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    Was at a local gun shop here and the sales person told me that the Baretta had a 15 round CLIP! I never went back as I figure if he does not know what he is talking about, then he will misinform not only me, but others.

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    Hot Guns.

    Really? hmmm,,, I thought you couldn't use anything smaller than a 9mm.

    And I thought I was paying attention in class. LOL!!!!!

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    I agree completely and had a similar rant not long ago.

    Just last night I had a husband/wife duo in our store asking about guns. They had just come from a gun show in the area and were sharing with me all of the advice they had gotten.

    Let me tell you, there is a lot of bad advice being thrown out there by "gun people" and it pisses me off.

    I tried my best to point out the good stuff and warn them off about the bad and told them flat out, "I have NO problem whatsoever with you going home and checking out everything I've just told you. As a matter of fact, I encourage it. I'd rather you get good information than anything else. Don't just swallow ANYTHING that is fed to you by a person behind a counter. There are a lot of myths out there about guns, calibers, what they can do and how great/bad one is compared to another. Do the research and make an informed decision based on your OWN needs, wants and likes, not those of a salesperson."

    I was happy to have at least shared that.

    One of my coworkers once said, "It doesn't matter what the gun is used for, and it's not our job to care. Our job is to sell as many of these [guns] as quickly as possible. That's it."

    I looked at him and said, "That will never be my job."

    I care about people and what they are using their guns for. I care that they get good information and I care that they can make a well educated decision based on my guidance. I care that my guidance is also sound and sure.

    It ticks me off that there are so many who don't feel the same.

    It's not like we are selling rocking chairs here. We are selling people the means to defend themselves. It's a moral and ethical obligation that we help them make the best possible choice.

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