Silly pet tricks, behaviors, and stories.

Silly pet tricks, behaviors, and stories.

This is a discussion on Silly pet tricks, behaviors, and stories. within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Just what the title implies........ Something funny, off-beat your pets have done/do to make ya smile, giggle, or scratch your head. I'll start.... My two ...

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Thread: Silly pet tricks, behaviors, and stories.

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    Silly pet tricks, behaviors, and stories.

    Just what the title implies........
    Something funny, off-beat your pets have done/do to make ya smile, giggle, or scratch your head.

    I'll start.... My two "new" dogs, 7 month old pit (see my avatar) and 6 month old huskey/retriever mix, were out back Friday playing with the kids (I was watching a friends 2 young 'en's as well as my 5 yo while they got thier taxes done) and the children decided it was time to jump on the trampolien. Those 'pups' of mine couldn't stand it so they jumped up thier with the children and jumped and played with the kids. I've never seen or heard of dogs liking a trampolien but my two pups now will get on it every time they go out back. I threw a ball in there with 'em a few minuets ago and thier going silly with it.... 'Worse' than my children ever do.....and Funny to watch. I'll get a few pics up as soon as I figure out why my computer isn't "seeing" my camera's memory card.

    Also my pit (really my oldest son's dog, he's just with me while they hunt for an apartment that's dog friendly) is a water fiend......and loves getting in the bath and/or shower the most. If we don't shut the door while in the shower or bathing the 5 yo, Rebel, the pit, is in there! He's taken more than a couple of showers with me because my wife has come in the bathroom and not noticed Rebel laying there by the door wanting in. He's gotten in with each member of my family, including my son and my daughter-in-law at thier place. Swimming pool.......he's in it, weather he's wanted there or not! This dog won't even allow my wife to water her plants without jumping in the water comming outta the hose.
    Now if I could train him to bring me a beer from the cooler while we're at the beach............

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    My golden retriver was the same way with the trampoline, We have one pomeranian who likes to be bounced also. My cat, actually likes water, and can answer yes and no questions. She has several distinctive meows that I can tell the difference in.
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    Our boxer will rear up like a horse and cry if you say water. The American bulldog will snort like a pig you snort at her first. And they both have to sit in your lap if the other is. Makes for uncomfortable relaxation when there is 140lbs of dog are sitting on your lap.

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