New Daughter-in-Law, Big Surprise!

New Daughter-in-Law, Big Surprise!

This is a discussion on New Daughter-in-Law, Big Surprise! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; O.K., I turn the big 6-0 tomorrow, and the family (my wife's side), celebrate both my birthday and my sister-in-law's together (we were both born ...

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Thread: New Daughter-in-Law, Big Surprise!

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    New Daughter-in-Law, Big Surprise!

    O.K., I turn the big 6-0 tomorrow, and the family (my wife's side), celebrate both my birthday and my sister-in-law's together (we were both born on the same day, different years). My stepson just got married, and my new daughter-in-law is from the Philippines. She is a physical therapist, and treats many people recovering from gun wounds. I expected her to at least have a problem with guns, given that she sees the bad side on a regular basis.

    We were having the traditional birthday lunch at Claimjumpers, when my daughter-in-law mentioned Uzis. I said "What, I missed that?" She said, "My favorite gun is an Uzi, but I am more familiar with an Armalite AR-15. The only pistols I like are Glocks." After I got up off the floor and cleaned the remainder of the hamburger off my face and shirt, I said "And why those particular weapons?"

    "She said "My dad was a career soldier, And I cleaned his guns for him since I was a little girl. I didn't get to shoot them much though."

    My stepson got it right! What a great new shooter I intend to add to the family asap! I told her the first grandson gets a Glock for a shower gift from me! Not a bad 60th birthday present!!
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    She's a keeper!

    Sounds like you know what to get her for Christmas.

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    congrats ! LOL.... heres egg on your face ! LOL
    and Happy Birthday Swifty !
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    Happy 'b'day John for tomorrow ...... and wow yes - there's a gal to welcome into the family for sure
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    Happy Birthday!

    Cool that your daughter-in-law is a firearms aficionado.
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    Sounds great! Happy Birthday!
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    Happy B-Day...congrats on the daughter-in-law surprise...
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    Right On John..........................I wonder if she can open your gun safes for you too.....................

    Welcome back from the vacation. Hope you enjoyed it.
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    Sounds like you got much luckier with your daughter-in-law then I did with my son-in-law. May she provide your son with a lifetime of good company and be an asset to your family. My son-in-law is in law enforcement and couldn't shoot worth a hoot. I tried to teach him how to shoot but he never did get very good. He was just unable to get past the flinch. Of course marriage was not for him either, took too much work and commitment. After 13 months he tossed my daughter out on her ear. Just a warning, don't give your combination to your gun vault out to anyone.
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    Happy B-Day & what a smart girl there
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    Sounds good. Congratulations.
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    Happy Birthday, John and congrats on the daughter-in-law.

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    Happy B-Day and congrats on the Daughter in law
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    Happy B-day and congrats on the daughter-in-law
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