6hr Stand-off with Dead Guy

6hr Stand-off with Dead Guy

This is a discussion on 6hr Stand-off with Dead Guy within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Had a few unbelieveable moments last night in the " ye-old " trailer park. Local Police tried to serve a warrant on a guy from ...

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Thread: 6hr Stand-off with Dead Guy

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    Unhappy 6hr Stand-off with Dead Guy

    Had a few unbelieveable moments last night in the "ye-old" trailer park.

    Local Police tried to serve a warrant on a guy from Texas for sexual assault, living 4 rows away from my home. When confronted, he turned and proceeded to run down the hallway and hide in one of the back bedrooms. The LEO's on scene then heard gunfire - scrambled outside for cover and called for backup.
    The LEO's following procedure "locked-down" almost the entire park and evacuate near-by homes and set up a parimeter.

    At this point they didn't know if the gunfire was directed at the LEO's or if the guy off'd himself, so the waiting game was on.

    Sadly this incedent might be common place in bigger centers, but way up here in the BFN of ND. it's quite the ordeal.

    This concerns me how? - Of course this has to happen right about the time I'm expecting my youngest son to be dropped off from school by the city bus, and the drop off it less that 1 block away from this idiots trailer. I call the PD to offer/get info on what's being done about ALL the kids being dropped off.........and ran into a huge mess.
    The PD had absolutely NO PLAN for what to do. After being directed to go ON-SCENE and talk to the senior LEO. It took some tense confusing moments to figure out what to to ( I wasn't the ONLY parent standing behind PD crusiers wondering where their kid was) - but they came up with a solution: re-direct the buses to the far end of the park and had the kids call their parents from some of the LEO's cell phones.


    After grabbing my boy, & one of his buddies off the bus when it finally arrived, I decided to wait this standoff out..... elsewhere.

    6 hrs after the initial warrent was served, and after repeated attempts to contact this guy.......the PD TAC team stormed the place with tear-gas/flash-bang and the whole bit. Poor guy was dead, he'd off'd himself afterall.


    Thank god nobody else was home or got hurt. I also applaude the local PD for handling the entire situation regardless of the bus/kid mix-up. It's a contingancy they hadn't come across till now, and hopefully it will be added to the "play-book" for future reference.

    Not sure what it all means. I've lived in "ignorant bliss" for the past 36 yrs it seems. - yep a sheeple - But in the past 2 yrs The craziness of what we've only seen on the news in the bigger cities has come here. 3 murders last yr - child abductions - gang shootouts - deadly fugitives hiding out - rest stop assaults........the list is getting pretty long. I've made the choice to live here because as a rule "common-sense" still prevails as the "norm" for behavior and ususally the crazy cold winters kept the riff-raff criminal element out. (guess not) But as the crime numbers & incidents like the one last night climb, I'm beginning to wonder if people has truely lost their collective minds.
    And if that's the case....I don't plan to have my family live in fear, I'm just newly in the process of adjusting my awareness of my surroundings and taking steps to train myself and the wife of what we need to do, to NOT be a crime statistic.

    My wife & I sat down late last night and made some hard decisions and quite easily decided on 4 things:
    1. The boy gets his own cell-phone
    2. She's moved getting her CCP timetable up. - To ASAP.
    3. I'm getting a smaller sub-compact for my CCW.
    4. Get the frick out of our trailer park and buy a house in the country

    Thanks all I needed to rant. I need more coffee, and it seems I've got writers cramp now....ow.
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    I think you spelled "ye old" wrong. Isn't it "ye olde"?
    I figure I'd reply since nobody has, yet.
    My girlfriend and I are friends with Cupsz71 and his wife. His wife now "gets it", it seems. My girlfriend, not so much. My girlfriend says "that wouldn't happen around here". I used to think that, too. Cupsz71's wife used to think that, too. Until some dipstick decided to off himself whilst running from the cops a mere four rows away from Cupsz71's house!
    I've read on this forum that sometimes it takes this kind of incident to make people "get it". I decided a while back not to wait for "my incident". My girlfriend (and many other friends of mine) unfortunately, are waiting for their incident like they're waiting for a bus they think is never gonna come. It'll come. It'll just be bearing down at you from the other direction.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it! (And I don't think I'm going to have any of Cupsz71's coffee. )
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    I am working on buying a house in the country too. The only thing stopping us is money.

    We have a 24 hour Barber shop down the street from us that has caused problems in our neighbor hood.
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    The problem with living "in the country" is that if you actually need LE, they are a mere 30 minutes away for me. That's one of the reasons I carry.

    Glad to hear everyone was OK - except the obvious guy.
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