Congratulations Uno!!!

Congratulations Uno!!!

This is a discussion on Congratulations Uno!!! within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I am a long time beagle owner; the best dog God put on the Earth. For the first time, a beagle was named Best in ...

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    Congratulations Uno!!!

    I am a long time beagle owner; the best dog God put on the Earth.

    For the first time, a beagle was named Best in Show at the venerable Westminster Dog Show.


    So, what is your favorite breed?

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    German Shepherd

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    Quote Originally Posted by C9H13NO3 View Post
    German Shepherd

    Pete Zaria.
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    I love the GSD, I have had several. I love any dog that can point, flush or retrieve a bird.
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    I grew up with beagles, my favorite.

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    All are wonderful, but I must vote for the good old "Heinz 57 Varieties."

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    English bulldogs!!

    Unfortunately, I live in an apartment, so I can't have one.
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    So, what is your favorite breed?
    German Shepherd also---the best friend I ever had for a rather short 12 years. I'll often question myself if I was the best friend he could ever have. He suffered for almost eight months with deteriorating vision and arthritis (I gave him daily treatments for the eye disease). After an objective opinion from a very good friend of mine, and overcoming my selfishness, I laid him to rest from his pains in November of 2005, and buried him in the back pasture which I had always promised him he would never be found amongst other carcasses of the former pets of the county. I had never premeditated the day nor readied the grave, in the midst of drizzle and a cold winter's eve, I dug the hole for my now 85lb dog which previously went 110lbs at his last visit to the vet in decent health. I owed him that much and more. He loved to play in the snow. He trained well with me and no formal schooling. He was beautiful and more than typical of the breed. The time we went to the barn to feed the horses and he got there first to chase a skunk out of the hay bales, then come running to me for help--I smelled him before he got to me and beat him to the house for him rubbing his nose in the ground every ten feet then I relinquished better than half a case of beer to cure him of the stench. The day I went down to the wood-pile to load some firewood for a friend and he stuck his nose in the brush-pile stirring up a swarm of hornets and he came running to me in spasms while I was wondering what was wrong--then subsequently attacked myself around the facial parts and ears---we won, but we paid for the fight. He loved jumping up in the bed of my 2wd pickup truck---when I got the 4x4, I had to boost him up on the tailgate and into the bed, and there he was king because he knew he was going where I was going and that's where he wanted to be. There will never be an equal for me in the breed although I've thought about another German Shepherd-but know within my heart that I'd only be disappointed. Best dog in the world to me, and his place will never be taken. He was rescued from the pound as he had not sold as a puppy and was in the ugly stages. I've always loved animals and have had alot of pets and still do. Cats, dogs, iguanas, birds, horses, donkeys, etc..... Newest addition to life is a tea-cup chihuahua of 11 weeks. She'll likely outlast me in life, but then again---I'm not the primary love in hers, the little woman is. I'm a better person for it all. Buddy---I still love you and remember you always. You were the best and there will never be another. R.I.P. Buddy.

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    GSD; and here's why:

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    I love them all, but my heart belongs to a female pug.

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    Boston Terrier, the one I have living with me sold me on the breed. I hope to always have one in my home.

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    Britney spaniel

    Full of energy and fun to play with (and hunt with too )

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    I have 3 boxers, thay are excellent dogs and absolutely great with kids. Plus they look mean.

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    I don't have any dogs now but have several favorites. They are as follows (not in any particular order).

    German Shepherd
    Border Collie (My wife had one years ago. A great companion while my wife was on cancer treatments.)
    Belgian Malinios

    There are more that I like but these are the main four.

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    Aaarooo indeed!

    I have my second and third Dalmatian now. Got the first as a pup, 2 & 3 as rescues. The lady that runs the dal rescue met a man with a beagle rescue, and much like the Brady Bunch(Mike and Carol), 80 dogs under one roof. Love my dals, but Aaaaroooo for you!

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