"I hope it's loaded!"

"I hope it's loaded!"

This is a discussion on "I hope it's loaded!" within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; By state law, as a person who has a permit to carry here in Arkansas, I have to annouce to the home owner upon entry ...

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Thread: "I hope it's loaded!"

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    "I hope it's loaded!"

    By state law, as a person who has a permit to carry here in Arkansas, I have to annouce to the home owner upon entry that I have a weapon and wish to know if it is okay to enter. I did just that at one of my friends house today and she says "I hope it's loaded!"

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    Amen brutha, amen! Shows you have good taste in friends!

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    Yep, Ditto on the Good Friends.

    I wish that everyone was like that. I know of a few people that they think all they have to do is call the police and "Poof" their saved.

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    Same here (Louisiana) about informing the homeowner. The few folks I visit would look at me, as in:

    "What are you telling me that for, I could care less".

    "Oh yeah, that reminds me, let me show you the gun I bought yesterday"

    "While you're here could you shoot that possum that's been in my attic?"

    "Hey, good idea, you want to shoot some targets out in the backyard?"
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    Luckily, our Missouri law has no such requirement. Most of the people who's homes I visit don't know that I carry, and I see no reason to inform them. Do you have to announce upon entering a restaurant or retail store? Those are typically private property as well... what's the difference?

    What a silly thing to require... what's the use of concealment, if you're going to announce the fact every time you walk onto private property!
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    good friends.
    yea, man what a stupid law.
    im all for ppl being able to say whats allowed on their own private property,
    but if they dont want it, they can post a sign or say so!
    i dont need to say "hey, is it ok that im wearing purple socks?" when i enter someones house!
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