Civil war

Civil war

This is a discussion on Civil war within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; Based on your family history (not where you currently live) and origins what side would you have been on if you were alive in the ...

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Thread: Civil war

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    Civil war

    Based on your family history (not where you currently live) and origins what side would you have been on if you were alive in the Civil War? For me I would have been in the Union as my whole family is from New England.

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    I am from the only county in Alabama that refused to secede from the Union

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    We were Southerners in Blue
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    Use a power opener for this can of worms!

    Union for me.
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    I'm in Texas, but I would of went with the Union, but if they keep trying to take away our liberties, I might find myself on the seceding side in the next few years.
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    I was born in a "Border State" (Maryland) which allowed slavery, but was neither for nor against it. When there was rioting and bridge burning by pro-Confederate individuals, Lincoln sent Union troops to the area and declared martial law.

    What side would I have been on? Hard to tell. On the textile/industrial topic, I would have likely sided with the Confederacy. On the slavery issue I would have been Union.
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    Lets see...Moms' family was still in mexico, and Dads' family I think was still in Germany...
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    An ancestor on my stepmothers side fought at Gettysburg. We went there and looked him up one year.
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    You'll probably need to add the option of "Other" for those folks who live in places that were not yet States during the Civil War.


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    5,270 did at least one of my ancestors.
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    My family is from states that didn't exist. But if I go back far enough... Missouri, Ohio, New England... Yep I'm a yank.
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    Man, what's with the Union folk pulling away in the polls??? Where are all my peeps at? Come on guys.

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    My father's family is from Louisiana, and mother's family is from Texas (and South Carolina) so family history says I'd fought for the Confederate Army. In fact I have several ancestors that did. AFAIK I didn't have any ancestors that were wealthy enough to own slaves. I'd say my ancestors were dirt poor and eeked out a living and sustained themselves off the land, the best way they could. They apparently fought because they felt it was "the right thing to do" at the time for them. I've read that captured Confederates, obviously poor, told their Union captors when asked why they were fighting? "Because you all are down here".
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    I would definitely be then as I am today for States rights.

    P.S. A civil war is when one faction desires to overthrow the incumbent government by force.

    The U.S.A. NEVER had a civil war. It was an attack on the Confederate States by the Union Army to prevent the Confederacy from exercising their constitutional right to secede from the Union.

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    Maine suffered more causalities per capita than any other Union state.My ancestors
    lost 5 members to the war.I guess they were unlucky or didn't know how to duck.

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