A different solution to the illegal immigrant problem.

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Thread: A different solution to the illegal immigrant problem.

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    A different solution to the illegal immigrant problem.

    I was talking to a neighbor of mine. I barely knew him, so we had an introductory meeting of sorts. Turns out he is a goose hunter and goes into Canada every year. (We talked about bringing guns into Canada. That can be a different thread.)

    The topic came around to illegal immigrants. He mentioned that on all of his forays into Canada, he always saw signs that said help wanted. The McDonald's he went to only had the drive-through open with a sign that was posted, "Due to the lack of help, only the drive-through is open."

    Seems like Canada is in desperate need of workers. He mentioned that he never saw any Mexicans there. Canada welcomes everyone. So we came up with the solution of

    a. Deporting all of our illegals to Canada where they would help alleviate the "help wanted" crisis.

    b. Set up NAFTA transport at all border crossings so we can immediately transport all the Mexicans crossing the border directly to Canada where they can alleviate the "help wanted" crisis.

    Maybe we should run for President/Vice-President.
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    I have been an advocate of one big bridge, from mexico direct to canuckistan.

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    It'd be a nice experiment to see just how effective socialized healthcare works with a bunch of illegals.


    I like this idea.
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    Saw a blip on TV about immigrants in Canada and how they were warmly welcomed. Illegal and otherwise.
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    We'd save money by providing a plane ticket to Montreal for each one. Maybe they can learn French faster than they do English.
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    Do you suppose there is a reason that illegal aliens prefer the U.S. to Canada? Is there a reason they would not be able to cross back into the U.S. from Canada or is that a porous border too? Canada allows about 250,000 people to immigrate each year... if they really needed more workers, wouldn't they raise the limit? Somehow I don't think this is the best solution to our problem.

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