Trip to New Orleans

Trip to New Orleans

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Thread: Trip to New Orleans

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    Trip to New Orleans

    I just saw someone on the price is right win a trip to New Orleans. In a way it's funny but at the same time it's really, really sad.

    On a happier note, the company I work for is donating cell phones and unlimited airtime to the evacuees that have arrived in Utah.

    My heart goes out to those good people that lost everything. To the looters and criminals, I hope you all find a special niche in Hell reserved for the lowest of the low.
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    New Orleans is one of the places I really wanted to go visit - looks like I'll have to wait a few years.

    I almost started screaming at the TV today watching Howard Dean play the race card and Hillary blast Bush. I just avoid the tv news now and click on what I want on the internet. All these politicians are pointing fingers while there's hundreds of bodies floating face down in New Orleans. Everyone screwed up from the local, state to federal levels, Democrat and Republican alike - but there's a time for fingerpointing, and that's after the mess is cleaned up and displaced American citizens are back on their feet.
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    Proper analysis won't I reckon be at all reliable or useful until many months have passed - then gradually the full (and accurate) picture should energe.

    I too all but avoid TV news - so much spin and bias.
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    I wonder if the folks who could have left, but didn't will ever receive their fair portion of blame for the situation they helped create? I wonder how many of those who had no choice but to stay died, while people who could have left and didn't were being rescued?
    - Tom
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