Honda Civics -- you like'em?

Honda Civics -- you like'em?

This is a discussion on Honda Civics -- you like'em? within the Off Topic & Humor Discussion forums, part of the The Back Porch category; I figured this was slightly off the gun topic, so here goes. I just bought a stick-shift Honda Civic 5-spd. manual. Anyone happen to know ...

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Thread: Honda Civics -- you like'em?

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    Honda Civics -- you like'em?

    I figured this was slightly off the gun topic, so here goes.

    I just bought a stick-shift Honda Civic 5-spd. manual. Anyone happen to know how I check the clutch fluid on one of these? This is the first Civic I've owned.

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    I have a Civic and like it just fine. Great MPG!! I prefer an automatic. A manual really messes up muy ability to drive, talk on my cell, smoke, and drink coffee all at once.
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    A manual really messes up muy ability to drive, talk on my cell, smoke, and drink coffee all at once.
    Oh, man, ain't that the truth. I drive an '86 Mustang GT, 5.0L, 5 Speed. There's just too much multitasking involved.

    Anyway, onto the original question. I did a quick search and it looks like the hydraulic clutch is fed by the brake master cylinder. Hmm, I've never seen that before. But, then again, I've only looked at something like 3 hydraulic clutches my whole life.

    I think a more appropriate place to ask your question would be the Honda Civic Forums.

    EDIT: I just checked that forum and they said there's a separate reservoir for the clutch. It's smaller than, and sits next to, the brake fluid reservoir. Now THAT makes sense.
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    My daughter's had one for 130,000 carefree miles with great gas mileage.
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    Plenty of car forums that can help you there. A simple google search for "civic forums" will bring up all kinds of results.

    Expect thousands of trouble-free miles. These things take more abuse than any car should.

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    Clutch master cylinder is on the firewall close to the brake master cylinder and they both use brake fluid, real small reservoir only holds a couple of ounces.
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    I have one and last year when my clutch master cylinder started leaking, you could see a wet spot by the pedals and I had a lot of trouble shifting. I don't know why you would ever have low fluid unless there is a leak.

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    Just open up the top .Some screw ,others peel. I always used brake fluid to top mine off.By the way you purchased a wonderful car!

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    My lady friend has had a few of them... they all were great little cars. I wouldnt mind having another.
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    I had one. Had a lot of trouble with it. But that's the only one I know of and most of my issues were dealer-related. I'd reccomend them for a good daily driver if you just need transportation.

    Sheldon beat me to it for the fluid.
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    Pop the hood and on the driver's side above brake cylinder you should see a small reservior with a grey cap. All I have ever owned is Honda and Acura. I have not had one issue with these cars until I started swapping motors. I had a 1991 Civic with a Integra GSR motor on a 50 shot of Nos and damn that car was fun. I had to get rid of it though LEOs were always stopping me. If you plan on keeping the car you could join This is probably the best resource online for Hondas and Acuras but it is geared towards racing and buy a helms manual for repairs.

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    I owned a '93 Civic from '95 through '01. Moved on to a '98 Prelude then a '02 RSX.

    Sorry, can't help you with your question: I had the automatic.
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